Bridgewater Women’s Basketball Falls to Shenandoah University

Shenandoah University Brings Home the Victory

Mckensie Washington, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The Bridgewater basketball team played Shenandoah University on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The score stayed close throughout the entire game, but SU ended up with the victory.

The first quarter started out with the jump off and Bridgewater winning the ball. There were many turnovers between each team before Bridgewater established the ball. Senior Bridgewater center Allie Coburn scored a lay-up to give the Eagles their first point for the game. Junior SU guard Mckenzie Mathis scored a three pointer which gave them their first point for the game.

Senior Bridgewater forward Rebecca Harvey scored a three-pointer for the Eagles to put them in the lead by a few points. The Eagles played man to man defense on the Hornets which made it hard for them to get a shot on the hoop. Junior Bridgewater guard Nina Novosel (11)  dribbled the ball down the court and scored a lay-up which gained two points for the Eagles.

The Eagles called a timeout due to the score remaining tight. The Eagles came out of the timeout with a fight to the Hornets defense with Harvey scoring a lay-up to start it off.

Senior Bridgewater guard Sydni Carey assisted senior Bridgewater guard Briana Moore in a lay-up to add to the Eagles score.

Mathis was passed the ball through the Eagles’ tight defense and scored a three pointer. The end of the first quarter ended with a score of 18-17, Bridgewater.

The second quarter started out with lots of ball movement up and down the court. Sophomore Bridgewater guard Madison Baum stole the ball from the Hornets defense and passed it to sophomore Bridgewater forward Claire Mocarski who went up for a layup and was fouled.

Mocarski made both of her foul shots which allowed Bridgewater to increase in score. The Hornets defense was tight which caused them to frequently foul the Eagles. Mocarski was fouled again by SU and made her foul shot once more.

Junior SU guard Ashley Stone (slid through Bridgewater’s defense and made a lay-up which decreased the gap in score. There were a  lot of turnovers between both teams which caused the players to run up and down the court for possession of the ball. Moore dribbled through the defense of SU and made a lay-up. The rest of the quarter consisted of ball movement between both teams and the half ended with the score of 35-33, SU.

The Eagles started with the ball for the third quarter but it was soon turned over to SU. Bridgewater fouled junior SU forward Jordan Sondrol allowing her to  make her foul shots.

Harvey came back with a lay-up which gave the Eagles another two points for the board. The score remained tight throughout the third quarter with both teams playing tight defense.

The fourth quarter started with a score of 50-44, SU. The Eagles called a timeout due to SU pulling away in score. Bridgewater played full court defense on SU which benefited the Eagles for a few turnovers. The Eagles fought hard as a team, but Shenandoah University took home the victory with the score of 73-62.