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Campus Psychologist On Mental Health Conditions in College

Approximately 9-11% of Bridgewater College students utilize mental health services provided on campus, and while that statistic has remained relatively stable over the last 5 semesters, the manner in which those students are connecting with mental health services is following two notable national trends.

First, anxiety has eclipsed depression as the most common presenting concern. Second, students are connecting with mental health services in the midst of an emotional crisis with increasing frequency.

Although the research hasn’t yet identified a definitive cause, health and wellness services at Bridgewater College, including the Counseling Center, is adapting to meet the changing needs of its population.

Ms. Shannon Pope recently joined Student Life as the Director of Student Wellness and is already proving herself to be a tremendous asset when it comes to assessing and anticipating the needs of the student body and helping us create programming which will help educate and empower students.

In addition, Ms. Becky Snead joined the Counseling Center as its new Senior Clinician and has hit the ground running.

Becky supervises the work of our two Resident clinicians and is helping the Counseling Center develop and implement more group therapy opportunities. Finally, we will soon have a new Director of Health Services.

Research indicates that psychopharmacological treatment of mental health struggles remains a critical part of treatment for many.  Maintaining a strong connection between each of these entities on campus allows us to continue to respond to the emotional needs of our students in holistic and efficacious ways.

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