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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Danielle BrooksExecutive DirectorSee Danielle Brooks's profile
See Danielle Brooks's profile
Holden AndrewsEditor in ChiefSee Holden Andrews's profile
See Holden Andrews's profile
Justin RogersStation Co-ManagerSee Justin Rogers's profile
See Justin Rogers's profile
Brandon WellsStation Co-ManagerSee Brandon Wells's profile
See Brandon Wells's profile
Emilee BrasseurSocial Media ManagerSee Emilee Brasseur's profile
See Emilee Brasseur's profile
Tristan SupplesWeb MasterSee Tristan Supples's profile
See Tristan Supples's profile
Katie BakerAssociate News EditorSee Katie Baker's profile
See Katie Baker's profile
Max WeidmanAssociate News EditorSee Max Weidman's profile
See Max Weidman's profile
Austin BaconStaff WriterSee Austin Bacon's profile
See Austin Bacon's profile
Dean BarkerStaff WriterSee Dean Barker's profile
See Dean Barker's profile
Sidney BeckStaff WriterSee Sidney Beck's profile
See Sidney Beck's profile
Laraya BillupsStaff WriterSee Laraya Billups's profile
See Laraya Billups's profile
Shaina BreedenStaff WriterSee Shaina Breeden's profile
See Shaina Breeden's profile
Alexis BrownStaff WriterSee Alexis Brown's profile
See Alexis Brown's profile
Joe CaronStaff WriterSee Joe Caron's profile
See Joe Caron's profile
Olivia CarsonStaff WriterSee Olivia Carson's profile
See Olivia Carson's profile
Jordan DavisStaff WriterSee Jordan Davis's profile
See Jordan Davis's profile
Deshomd DennyStaff WriterSee Deshomd Denny's profile
See Deshomd Denny's profile
Brooke DiCiccoStaff WriterSee Brooke DiCicco's profile
See Brooke DiCicco's profile
Patrick GarberStaff WriterSee Patrick Garber's profile
See Patrick Garber's profile
Zachary GrayStaff WriterSee Zachary Gray's profile
See Zachary Gray's profile
Jacob HaughStaff WriterSee Jacob Haugh's profile
See Jacob Haugh's profile
Samantha HinceStaff WriterSee Samantha Hince's profile
See Samantha Hince's profile
Will HoffmanStaff WriterSee Will Hoffman's profile
See Will Hoffman's profile
Diamond HuskeyStaff WriterSee Diamond Huskey's profile
See Diamond Huskey's profile
Mohamed KamaraStaff WriterSee Mohamed Kamara's profile
See Mohamed Kamara's profile
Jackie LetaiugyangStaff WriterSee Jackie Letaiugyang's profile
See Jackie Letaiugyang's profile
Isaac MillerStaff WriterSee Isaac Miller's profile
See Isaac Miller's profile
Chance MorrisonStaff WriterSee Chance Morrison's profile
See Chance Morrison's profile
Alexander NaupariStaff WriterSee Alexander Naupari's profile
See Alexander Naupari's profile
Kenni ParkerStaff WriterSee Kenni Parker's profile
See Kenni Parker's profile
Taylor PhippsStaff WriterSee Taylor Phipps's profile
See Taylor Phipps's profile
Ian RhodesStaff WriterSee Ian Rhodes's profile
See Ian Rhodes's profile
Ayinde RobertsStaff WriterSee Ayinde Roberts's profile
See Ayinde Roberts's profile
Zachary RogersStaff WriterSee Zachary Rogers's profile
See Zachary Rogers's profile
Takumi SampeiStaff WriterSee Takumi Sampei's profile
See Takumi Sampei's profile
Jake SmithStaff WriterSee Jake Smith's profile
See Jake Smith's profile
Jake VetterStaff WriterSee Jake Vetter's profile
See Jake Vetter's profile
Cassidy WagonerStaff WriterSee Cassidy Wagoner's profile
See Cassidy Wagoner's profile
Deborah WakilongoStaff WriterSee Deborah Wakilongo's profile
See Deborah Wakilongo's profile
Drake WanshonStaff WriterSee Drake Wanshon's profile
See Drake Wanshon's profile
Mekhai WhitakerStaff WriterSee Mekhai Whitaker's profile
See Mekhai Whitaker's profile
Jalissa White-JonesStaff WriterSee Jalissa White-Jones's profile
See Jalissa White-Jones's profile
Shayne WilliamsonStaff WriterSee Shayne Williamson's profile
See Shayne Williamson's profile
Ashton YoungCartoonistSee Ashton Young's profile
See Ashton Young's profile
Bridgewater Eagles AthleticsSportsSee Bridgewater Eagles Athletics's profile
See Bridgewater Eagles Athletics's profile
Guest ContributorGuest ContributorsSee Guest Contributor's profile
See Guest Contributor's profile
Ady DeweyAdvisorSee Ady Dewey's profile
See Ady Dewey's profile
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