ESPN Rerun: Super Bowl 49

A Recap of the 2015 Game

Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Raphine, Va – Undrafted rookie, Malcolm Butler, makes arguably the most clutch play in Super Bowl history as he intercepted Russell Wilson on the one yard line with less than a minute left to play; his play sealed the Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl 49 over the Seahawks.

The game ranks highly among the history of Super Bowls due to the game coming down to final seconds and the coaching decision to pass the ball and not running it with their goal line running master. 

The Seahawks came into this game with the league’s best scoring and rushing offense, while the Patriots had the number four overall offense in the league. The Seahawks dominated the 2014 year on defense having the league’s best defense along with the best passing and the third best rushing defense. 

The Seahawks had come off a Super Bowl victory the year before and looked poised to make back-to-back titles. 

Running back Marshawn Lynch’s season that involved him rushing for over 1,300 yards and he tied for first with 13 rushing touchdowns. 

Both teams failed to score in the first quarter but the Patriots put up the first points of the game when Tom Brady completed an 11-yard touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell early in the second quarter. 

Marshawn Lynch was able to help his team answer after running into the end zone for a three-yard score. 

Both teams were able to score again, tying the game at 14 heading into halftime. 

After the Seahawks came out and scored 10 unanswered points against the Patriots in the third quarter, Tom Brady was able to throw two touchdowns in the fourth quarter giving the Patriots a four point lead heading into the final two minutes of the game. 

This meant that if the Seahawks wanted to win their second consecutive Super Bowl, they’d have to score a touchdown and couldn’t settle for a field goal. 

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was able to drive his team to the Patriot’s one yard line after completing a wide open pass to Mrshawn Lynch out of the back field and a long pass that was juggled but eventually caught lying on his back by wideout Jermaine Kearse.

The play before was at the four yard line and Marshawn Lynch got the carry but was tackled one-yard short of the goal line.

At the time, Marshawn Lynch was considered the best goal line running back due to his powerful running style, so everyone watching the game already knew what the next play was going to be: a handoff to Marshawn Lynch that would win the Seahawks their second consecutive Super Bowl. 

The play that was actually called shocked the world. Russell Wilson took a one step drop back and fired a bullet to Ricardo Lockette but the route was jumped by undrafted rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler and was intercepted which would eventually seal the game. 

Ever since this play the Seahawks have been highly criticized for not handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch. 

Since Super Bowl 49, the Seahawks haven’t appeared in a NFC championship after winning in both 2014 and 2015 championships. 

Some people believe since that play was called the Seahawks have been cursed because people have noticed a change in the way the Seahawks play.