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BCVoice is the Bridgewater College’s student-run news outlet. We provide the Bridgewater community with news, reviews, events, opinions and sports coverage. We publish new stories every Tuesday and Friday through the semester; BCVoice Midweek Radio can be heard on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

Mission Statement

BCVoice aims to give media production experience to its student participants while creating products of which we, as a community, are proud. BCVoice strives to inform and entertain while remaining ethical and engaged.

  • Build a relationship with the surrounding community by providing accurate information through student journalism which is proactive, thoughtful, and articulate.
  • Connect with audiences through web, audio and social media.
  • Provide structured yet approachable sounding board for Bridgewater College students.
  • Provide real world professional experience and skills to all students working with BCVoice.

BC Voice falls under the Communication Studies and Theatre Department; Prof. Ady Dewey is the adviser ([email protected])


The Student News Site of Bridgewater College