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BCVoice is the Bridgewater College’s student-run news outlet. We provide the Bridgewater community with news, reviews, events, opinions and sports coverage. We publish new stories every Tuesday and Friday through the semester; BCVoice Midweek Radio can be heard on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

Mission Statement

BCVoice aims to give media production experience to its student participants while creating products of which we, as a community, are proud. BCVoice strives to inform and entertain while remaining ethical and engaged.

  • Build a relationship with the surrounding community by providing accurate information through student journalism which is proactive, thoughtful, and articulate.
  • Connect with audiences through web, audio and social media.
  • Provide structured yet approachable sounding board for Bridgewater College students.
  • Provide real world professional experience and skills to all students working with BCVoice.

BC Voice falls under the Communication Studies and Theatre Department; Prof. Ady Dewey is the adviser ([email protected])


BCVoice brings together the print paper, which was last known as Veritas, and Spark Radio, formerly WGMB, under one name.

Student-led media organizations are not new to campus. The Philomathean Monthly, published by the literary societies at the College, contained articles, news and features..  The first issue was published in 1896.

The first student newspaper, The B. C. Bee, published biweekly beginning in Nov. 1925. The radio station was launched as WVBC in 1956.

The B.C. Bee was renamed The Talon and then became Veritas. There are only a limited number of papers in pdf form for Veritas; those can be found by selecting the Print Archive under the About menu tab. Physical archived copies of nearly all student newspapers are available through Bridgewater College Special Collections.

BCVoice was launched as an online platform, with stories published twice a week, in Fall 2019.


The Student News Site of Bridgewater College