Gas Prices are Up. Student Activity is Down


Jordan Davis

The 7-Eleven gas station off North Main St. in Bridgewater, Virginia is $4.29 a gallon at the date of this publication, two cents less than the Harrisonburg metro average.

Jordan Davis, News Editor

Bridgewater, Va. – Global energy markets have been shaken by the commencement of a military war in eastern Europe that could spread beyond Ukraine. In only one week, average gasoline prices in Virginia have climbed 15.31 percent, to $4.31 per gallon on Friday, March 11.

Oil prices are shaped by a multitude of variables, including supply, demand, geopolitics, and economic and political projections. As long as global oil prices rise and customers continue to pay greater prices, gasoline prices will continue to rise.

According to the AAA, the Harrisonburg metro area has the second-highest average gas price in Virginia, just two cents lower than the Washington, D.C. (VA only) metro area.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, gas prices have exceeded the previous high of $3.43 established in 2008; however, when adjusted for inflation – the 2008 price would be approximately $4.35 now.

With rates in the Bridgewater area skyrocketing and the college’s severed ties with B-REC, students with minimal financial resources are left with few options. 

“I literally avoid driving as much as I can because of the gas prices,” said the sophomore business major Julia Williams. “I eat more on-campus now rather than going to get groceries or eat out. Like we are broke college students and there’s not much to do in Bridgewater, but go to Harrisonburg; however, who wants to pay those gas prices?”

Questions arise of what to do on or around campus that does not involve spending a lot of money.

“Since the weather has been inconsistently warm, I like to skateboard or bike around campus,” said sophomore psychology major Jada Gross. “I would like to ride the scooters, but that costs money too. I only put 30 dollars in my tank if I do drive, so whatever those 30 dollars can get me, I am stuck with that.”