What’s New with Funk Hoops?


Kyle Clark

The championship game of Funk Hoops took place on Feb. 23. Team Loaded, the top seed, played the Golf Team in a tight game.

Kyle Clark, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- Bridgewater College’s intramural basketball league is a way for students to compete in a fun and competitive basketball environment without the stress of traditional collegiate practices and games. 

Funk Hoops is an intramural basketball league on campus with games being played at the Funkhouser Center.

Each season of Funk Hoops includes games, playoffs and a championship.

“There are more teams and the scheduling is way better,” said junior Elijah Rucker. “There is better communication between the teams and the Funk staff, which allows for the scheduling of games to match up better with the student schedules.”

Funk Hoops has gained significant exposure on social media, specifically on their TikTok account.  The account has over 8,700 followers and more than 250,000 likes across their videos. 

“I feel like Funk Hoops gives people at the school the opportunity to be on a bigger platform and show that Bridgewater is not just a small college in the middle of nowhere,” said senior Devon Hyman. 

After a successful intramural basketball season, Funk Hoops plans to keep most things the same next year, while still growing their social media presence and reaching a 10,000 follower TikTok goal.