Funkhoops TikTok Video Surpasses 15,000 Views


Malcolm Anderson

Freddie Watkins and Connor Gordon checking the status of their videos on the @funkhoops TikTok account. The account, not affiliated with Bridgewater College, was created a year ago and is starting to gain traction on social media.

Malcolm Anderson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- TikTok account @funkhoops, which is unaffiliated with any official BC channels, posted a video reaching more than 15,00 views on the platform. The account features basketball-related content from the Funkhouser Center.

The video posted on Jan. 8 shows several Bridgewater students playing basketball in the Funkhouser Center, with one player missing a wide open dunk. The video has been shared across multiple social media platforms and has reached 15,700 views and 1,352 likes on TikTok.

Co-creator of the account, Freddie Watkins, believes that future @Funkhoops videos have the potential to draw in more attention to the non-collegiate basketball community on Bridgewater’s campus.

“I’m excited about the future, but it’s just a start, and hopefully we have a lot more,” said junior Freddie Watkins, co-creator of @Funkhoops.

Junior Tyler Gilliam is featured on the account and has given several ideas for videos in the past. 

“I feel like we’re growing, and it is an honor that people are watching and enjoying the videos,” said Gilliam. “It’s only up from here.”

Funkhoops is starting to gain traction on social media, though it was created a year ago. The creators are excited for what is next for the channel and continue to upload daily content to help the current spike in their viewership.