BSA Presents Zero Gravity Basketball Tournament

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  • On March 28, the Black Student Alliance hosted the Zero Gravity Tournament on the Funkhouser basketball court. This was a basketball tournament beginning with three qualifying games for the ultimate three versus three matchup.

  • This was the first time BSA has hosted a basketball tournament. “We haven’t seen an event like this before, so I’m glad people came out to do it,” said BSA President Amere Langley.

  • The three qualifying games were Around the World, 3-point shootout and a dunk contest. The two top scorers from those games moved on to the three versus three basketball game.

  • The winners of the three versus three basketball game were junior Freddie Watkins (Left), junior Javin Kuykendall (Center) and first year Daniel Santos (Right). They beat the other team 18-9 and received Gatorade bottles.

  • Many participants of the Zero Gravity tournament liked the event and wanted to see it become an annual tradition. “It was pretty fun. It would be cool if they did something like this every semester or every year to make it a tradition and to make it bigger,” said Watkins.

  • Before the event occurred, BSA put up flyers for the event with a QR code to sign up for the tournament and suggest music to play at the event. “We didn’t have that many people sign up physically, but as more people came in, the roster grew,” said Langley.

  • “I feel like if it were advertised a little bit more, people would have come out, and it would have gotten more hype and more exciting,” said Watkins.

  • Langley believed if more people had signed up prior to the event, there was a possibility of more than one three versus three basketball game. “If more people showed up we could adjust all the aspects, or if more people signed up, we could have more three versus three games,” said Langley.

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Lamont Jones, Staff Writer