Beyond the Blitz


In this special episode of Beyond the Blitz, we have a first round mock draft where we each take a turn as the general manager of the next team. We also end, as always, with our early predictions for the upcoming season.

Recorded March 12, 2019

At the very beginning of the new off-season, we discuss what we think the league may look like at the end of it all, along with what has happened up to this point, and a quick draft preview. And, as always, we end with our early predictions for the following season.

Recorded February 2019

With the Conference Championship games right around the corner, we look at all the drama around the league along with discussing the playoff picture and our Super Bowl predictions.

Recorded Jan. 17, 2019

We dicuss the key points leading up to the 2018-2019 NFL season playoff push.

Recorded Dec. 16, 2018