Through the Lens


Ian Rhodes, Staff Writer

More than Just a Vampire: This episode features an in-depth look at the casting of Robert Pattinson as Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Recorded on Nov. 4, 2019

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Crisis on Infinite Earth: This episode of Through the Lens previews the upcoming DC crossover event on the CW Network called Crisis on Infinite Earth. This special is set to have superheroes from multiple universes coming together to stop an impending threat.

Recorded on Oct. 15, 2019

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Snyder Cut Continued: An update on the previous Snyder Cut podcast detailing where in production it lies now.

Recorded on Oct. 10, 2019

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Snyder Cut: A huge DC Universe fan discusses his outlook and what it would mean for the DCEU if it were to be released.

Recorded April 2019