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Brandon Wells and Justin Rogers

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Beyond the Blitz puts all things-NFL into focus

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Volcanic Takes: The Blitz Crew returns half-ill with some brash takeaways from this NFL postseason. Who will progress to Super Bowl LIV in Miami, the Titans, Chiefs, Packers, or 49ers? Additionally, why is early retirement on the rise as of late and who are the biggest free agents heading into this off-season? Special guest: Morgan Pangle

Recorded Jan. 15, 2020

A Very Wild Recap: The Blitz Crew returns after an action-packed Wild Card weekend. We review how teams match up as the Super Bowl picture begins to take shape. And of course, mock draft season is among us. Special guest: Ayinde Roberts

Recorded Jan. 8, 2020

Christmas Special: For the holidays, the Blitz Crew returns to spread holiday cheer around the NFL. In a series of three “Reindeer Games”, we see a unique perspective on league possibilities and hypotheticals.

Recorded Dec. 18, 2019

Playoff Push: The Blitz Crew returns between weeks 15 and 16 for their weekly recap and predictions. This week, the Pro Bowl and the NFL playoffs are up for debate, along with other trending headliners around the football world.

Recorded Dec. 18, 2019

Think Fast! Week 15: As the hype grows with fantasy football playoffs approaching, our hype grows for the real playoffs, as the Blitz Crew returns with their weekly recap and predictions.

Recorded Dec. 10, 2019

Headliners: The Blitz Crew returns in between weeks 13 & 14 for their weekly recap and predictions. This week, a Bridgewater star football player joins the show to answer some hot takes and why some teams should be thankful during this holiday season. Special guest: Connor Kleffman

Recorded Dec. 4, 2019

Think Fast! Week 13: Following a thrilling week 12, the Blitz Crew returns to recap the excitement and predict the games for week 13. Happy Thanksgiving!

Recorded Nov. 26, 2019

Spiral of Drama: Following a handful of dramatic events involving the NFL, the Blitz Crew looks at how the league has been put in lose-lose situations. This episode also features a new guest as well as a game in Hot Takes, as well as the usual results and predictions. Special Guest: Morgan Pangle

Recorded Nov. 20, 2019

Think Fast! It’s the Midseason: The Blitz Crew’s week 10 recap, and week 11 predictions, at the halfway point of the season.

Recorded Nov. 12, 2019

Midway Point: The Blitz Crew holds a midseason award ceremony. As always, this podcast provides weekly recaps, predictions, and hot takes. Special Guest: Jacob Haugh.

Recorded Nov. 6, 2019

Think Fast: In this episode, the Blitz Crew recaps week 8 of the 2019 NFL season, and gives their picks for who will reign supreme in week 9.

Recorded Oct. 29, 2019

Trade Deadline: The Blitz Crew is back with some hot topics as the trade deadline looms just around the corner. With week 7 in the past, and week 8 still to come, the Blitz Crew also gives their weekly takes and predictions. Special Guest: Ayinde Roberts

Recorded Oct. 24, 2019

Think Fast! Week 6: The Blitz Crew returns to provide a brief overview of the week six action, and provide their predictions for week seven.

Recorded Oct. 15, 2019

Quarter Season Preview: The Blitz crew discusses the quarter season point in the 2019 NFL season. In the midst of an owner passing and strange California state laws coming into play, the league has done anything but slow down. Special Guest: Jacob Haugh

Recorded Oct. 2, 2019

Week 3: The Blitz Crew is back to discuss how their preseason predictions have changed now that the season has begun. The crew looks at who is good, who is bad, and who is more difficult to evaluate. Special guest: Ayinde Roberts

Recorded Sept. 18, 2019

Season Preview: The Blitz Crew previews the upcoming NFL season and how late off-season acquisitions may have shaped the league. The crew also delves into their early season predictions and hot takes for the season. Special guest: Ayinde Roberts

Recorded Aug. 28, 2019