Tyler Bradley is a Man with a Vision

Bridgewater College Hires Tyler Bradley as the New Campus Events Coordinator

Katie Baker, Staff Writer

Bridgewater VA.- On Jan. 22, Tyler Bradley began his new position as Bridgewater College’s Campus Events Coordinator. Bradley’s position entails a lot of behind the scenes work that affects the daily operation at Bridgewater. Bradley’s responsibilities range from scheduling advertisement tables in the KCC Lobby to scheduling convocations. Bradley also is involved in the scheduling management of our facilities and dining. If there is any type of events being held on campus, it has become Bradley’s job to ensure that it operates smoothly. 

Bradley is not a native of the Bridgewater area, as he grew up in New Jersey. However, he is very familiar with the area, due to being a 2012 graduate of James Madison University. After graduating from JMU, Bradley has had a very diverse career life. 

He spent time working in athletics, marketing and training. Bradley was also employed by an NFL football team, the Baltimore Ravens, for a year as a cheerleader. He still has a passion for cheerleading and can be found coaching the sport at JMU. 

Bradley’s various jobs have taken him to many different locations along the East Coast. Most recently he was living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but he stated that he “could not find his sense of self” living in a tourist destination. 

When researching potential positions, Bradley said that it was a statement made by the college’s President, David Bushman, that attracted him to Bridgewater College. 

Bushman’s statement on the college’s website under the “Message From The President” tab and it states that “We believe that education is far more than just training for a job well done; it is formation for  a life well lived.” After reading Bushman’s message, Bradley stated that he realized that Bridgewater was “what I’ve been looking for.” 

Bradley has only been at Bridgewater for a few weeks, but already feels that “it’s been amazing.” One of the aspects that he likes most about Bridgewater College is the staff culture, because the staff really want the students to succeed. Bradley also appreciates the mission of Bridgewater College. 

Bradley has big plans for Bridgewater College. He feels that we “already have a foundation” for event planning and operation here, but he would like to improve this foundation by continuing to build on it. He hopes to develop his position into a “broad management system that is efficient.” Bradley is excited by the opportunity of contributing to future success here at Bridgewater College. 

Bradley has seen some changes he would like to make at Bridgewater, in regard to even coordination, which is all part of his vision for the college. He has a strong sense of competition that drives him to work hard to ensure that Bridgewater is top contender for other division three schools. Bradley’s vision for Bridgewater College is that everything needs to be the best version of ourselves. 

His implementation plan for his vision is to ensure that “every event from the time you arrive on Bridgewater’s campus, to the time you leave is done in high execution.”