John Kenney Forrer Learning Commons Will Open in January

Students Await New Study Spaces

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Takumi Sampei, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The new John Kenney Forrer Learning Commons, which was supposed to be completed before the end of the 2019 fall semester, is projected for opening in January 2020.   

The Learning Commons will support independent learning for each student. It is a space to deepen learning from more than just quietly reading books. The spaces within the Learning Commons will emphasize the use of internet communication technology and collaborative learning.

Director of the Forrer Learning Commons, Andrew Pearson, previously said that “the bad weather was the reason for the significant delay in construction.” 

Although the construction delays, due to bad weather, cannot be helped by the people involved in the construction, students are disappointed.

“I don’t know if the library is complete. I just hear rumors and don’t know the facts. When will it be completed?” asked sophomore Juan Romero. “I hope they finish as soon as they can.”

Due to the renovation of the library, many students are looking for places where they can concentrate and study in groups.

“Because there is no library, I come to college to take classes, and I go home as soon as the classes are over. I think that if there is a library, I can connect with Bridgewater College more,” said senior Haruka Mizoroki, who is a commuter student.

Learning Services Librarian Cori Biddle stated that “the new Learning Commons is expected to be open in January, and a specific date will be confirmed when it gets closer.”

The construction of the Learning Commons is made possible through the donations of many alumni and supporters. Bridgewater College alumna Bonnie Rhodes and her husband, John, donated $4 million in honor of Mrs. Rhodes’ father, John Kenny Forrer, for whom the Learning Commons is named.