Baseball Continues Losing Streak Despite Late Comeback

Bridgewater Loses Third Straight Game Against Stevenson

Justin Rogers, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va.- The Bridgewater Eagles were looking to end their two-game losing streak against out of conference opponent Stevenson on Wednesday, April 11. Stevenson came into the game looking to get over .500 and continue winning. In this make-up game from March 13, both teams are looking to get out of the bottom of their conference. 

In the first inning, the Mustangs started off strong with a solo home run by sophomore center fielder Kevin Murray Jr. The Eagles could not answer, with no hits in the inning. The Mustangs continued their hot streak when junior catcher Jordan Moore hit an RBI double to make the score 2-0. The Eagles quickly responded with a solo home run by junior catcher Cameron Stanley to begin the second inning and bring the Eagles within one. 

The Mustangs widened the gap in the third inning with a two RBI single by senior first baseman Billy Small to make it 4-1. As Bridgewater’s offense continued to struggle, the Mustangs continued to put on the heat on offense. In the fourth inning, Stevenson junior left fielder Jonathan Lugo hit an RBI sacrifice fly to make it 5-1 at the end of the fourth inning. 

As the Mustangs continued to score on offense, the Eagles needed to respond in the fifth inning. With one out in the fifth inning, Mustang senior third baseman John D’Aquanno hit an RBI double. To build on their lead, sophomore designated hitter Mark Terrell hit an RBI single to make it 7-1. 

The Eagles responded at the end of the fifth inning with an RBI by sophomore shortstop Jacob Talley to minimize the deficit to five runs. The Mustangs continued their streak of runs in the sixth with a home run by Lugo and an RBI single by Murray Jr to make the score 9-3 Mustangs. 

Bridgewater narrowed the gap in the bottom of the sixth with an RBI by freshman second baseman Kevin Navedo. In the seventh inning, both teams struggled to find any rhythm. The pitchers for both teams posted no-hitters to keep the score at 9-4 Mustangs.

Towards the end of the game, the Eagles started to flourish on both offense and defense. In the eighth inning Bridgewater continued their momentum from the seventh to keep the deficit at five runs. The Eagles took advantage of their strong defense with an explosive inning on offense. 

Stanley continued his dominant performance in the eighth inning with his second home run of the day. The Eagles continued to creep closer to the Mustangs with an RBI double by sophomore third baseman JT Creed to make it 9-5.  

The Eagles stayed alive in the ninth inning on defense, allowing no runs on one hit. In a last effort by the Eagles, Stanley had his third RBI of the game with a sacrifice fly ball to make it 9-6. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, sophomore Luke Paczewski pinch hit and hit an RBI single to draw the Eagles within two. 

The Mustangs held on to win the game 9-7 and improve their record to 14-13. The Eagles dropped their record to 16-14-1, but still have games left to bring it up.