Eagle Nation Night Returns to Bridgewater College Athletics

Students Compete With President Bushman and Provost Sevick in Free Throw Shooting

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  • Eagle Nation Night was an event during halftime of the basketball games that feature students, President Bushman, and Provost Sevick competing in a free throw shooting.

  • Seniors Brayden Thomson and Vinny Leo go head to head trying to make as many free throws as they can in one minute.

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Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – During the men’s basketball halftime show, President Bushman and Provost Sevick brought their A game as they outdueled junior Alexis Brown and sophomore Jordan Davis in the free throw shooting challenge. The competition was Brown and Davis versus Sevick and Bushman. ach team had one minute to make as many free throws as they could. 

The winning prize was $50 to spend at Bridgewater Foods. After the one minute mark was up, Bushman and Sevick came out on top after Bushman carried his team making all three of their points, while Brown and Davis managed to put up one point. 

“I thought it was cool to see the President of Bridgewater College participating in an event with his students. It shows he cares about his school and it makes school events more entertaining. It gets me excited to be coming here next year,” said incoming freshman Maggie Hite who will begin her studies at Bridgewater College in the Fall of 2020. 

Even though the students were not able to beat their president and provost, they all got a picture together with Ernie the Eagle to celebrate the donation they were giving to Bridgewater Foods.

Eagle Nation Night continued during the women’s game.  At halftime senior Brayden Thomson and senior Vinny Leo went head to head in the free throw shooting challenge to win their club 50 dollars for food at one of their club meetings. 

The two seniors also had one minute to make as many free throws as they could. Leo got off to a hot start after making his first two shots, but then struggled to put it in the basket as Thomson jumped ahead and continued to lead until the one minute was up. Thomson won after making six of his shots, while Leo made four of his. There were no hard feelings as they too got together and took a picture with Ernie the Eagle after the competition conceded. 

Besides winning money for Bridgewater Foods and student clubs, Eagle Nation Night brought Bridgewater College’s students together to cheer on the school’s basketball teams against conference rivals Eastern Mennonite University. The student section was bleeding crimson and gold as students watched and cheered for their school.