Bridgewater, Va. – As of June 2020, Bridgewater College will be offering a master’s program in human resources. This program is estimated to take one year to complete and requires applicants to have completed their undergraduate studies and have a 2.7 GPA. All professors teaching the course, including Roslyn Vargas, assistant professor of economics and business administration, have corporate experience in human resources.

Vargas said that the type of students applying for this masters program would be those who want to become human resource representatives. A role, she added, that is an integral member of a company.

Vargas believes that HR representatives are “game changers within the organization” who help maintain safe working environments. Those interested in this profession would be interested in helping enforce company policies and procedures. 

Lastly, Vargas stated that Bridgewater College is currently in the process of applying to collaborate with the Society of Human Resource Management. This would allow graduates of the master’s program to find plenty of job opportunities within their field right after graduation. 

According to, the average salary of human resource representatives is $58,890 annually.

Applications are open on Bridgewater College’s website; further questions about the program can be directed to  Vargas at [email protected].