Music Production Club

Bridgewater’s Newest Club for Music Makers


Laraya Billups

Tyrone Covington is a senior Environmental Science major. He is currently the president of the Music Production Club.

Laraya Billups, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – This spring semester, Bridgewater senior Tyrone Covington has created the Music Production Club, which teaches students how to make songs and encourages artists on campus to collaborate and make music.

Covington has been passionate about music since he was 11 years old. In the fifth grade, he started playing the piano. In middle school, he joined the percussion section of the school band. Covington has played multiple instruments in percussion including the snare, cymbals and bass drum. His love for music continued into his college career.

Covington started making his own music in his freshman year of college. In his sophomore year, he joined a musical group called C4RT3R C. Their most popular song, “Good Time,” has over 8,000 views on YouTube. Covington created the Music Production Club because he remembered when he wanted to share his gift, but did not know where to find other artists.

“I didn’t know anyone else who made music on campus, so I wanted to start the club for other like minded people to find each other,” said Covington. “I want people who will be dedicated to making music.”

Covington also recognized that learning how to create music could be a fulfilling experience. 

“I mainly learned how to make music from YouTube,” Covington said. “I believe learning on your own is cool, but learning from other people is more fun.”

Covington organized the meetings to be “interactive and lecture based” by teaching the members of the club how to create their own beats from the computers in the digital media lab in Bowman Hall. Covington intends to “get artists, songwriters, and producers together in a space where they can collaborate.” 

As the club increases, Covington said he wants to incorporate live music by holding group meetings in the Carter Center, and he also plans to hold events including a beat battle at the end of the semester.

The Music Production Club wants to expand the equipment and space so students will be successful in making their own music. According to Covington, the club’s advisor, Professor Burzumato, aims to increase the knowledge of the club on campus once Covington graduates in May 2020.

“I hope we’ll get a recording studio with a mixing board and practice room,” Covington said. “We’ve been talking about making a minor in Music Production.”

Covington encourages anyone who is interested in music to join the club.“If you’re interested in making a song or you want to know how the music business works, I encourage joining the club,” said Covington. “I want people to not be afraid to release songs for the school.”

The Music Production Club meets every other Monday starting on Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. in the digital media lab.