Alexis Brown and Kenni Parker

Enjoy a final cup of Quali-Tea as Kenni and Lexi discuss their love for this podcast and we say goodbye to co-host Kenni who reflects on her experiences at Bridgewater College and her hopes for the future!

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Transcript of April 20 episode

KENNI PARKER: Hey, y’all. What’s good in the neighborhood? Sit back, relax and grab your favorite mug because we’re about to serve you some QUALI-Tea for the last time.

ALEXIS BROWN: Hey, what’s up everyone? This is your girl, Lexi. And this is your girl, Kenni, with us. Welcome to another episode of QUALI-Tea. But unfortunately, this is our last cup of QUALI-Tea with my girl, Kenni.

PARKER: I’m gonna cry.

BROWN: You really got to leave me?

PARKER: I don’t want to.

BROWN: Well, this is our last episode for, you know, the semester technically, I guess you could say. And unfortunately, it sucks, we have to end it on a “virtualness” like this and not, you know, legit in our studio where things are, the quality is better, and things like that, but we’re doing what we can. But thank you guys for sticking with us through this series of events, man. I remember our very first podcast about the 2020 vision.

PARKER: Yup, it was so clear.

BROWN: And then, I will admit, we are fools. We fooled ourselves.

PARKER: We really did, we hyped it up.

BROWN: We said we’d give y’all tips and techniques to get through the 2020 with a good experience and it’s been a little, uhh little rough. I know I get it. And I apologize on my end for being so optimistic.

PARKER: At least we were optimistic because I think that helped. It helped ease, ease this, you know, scary transition, I guess.

BROWN: It really, it really did. So you know, if you’re, you know, thinking we’re clowns right now, because we look like a fool after all that we did. I mean, I would agree.

PARKER: Yeah, I still think 2020 is gonna be a good year. This is just an obstacle, and this being a good year, it still is going to be great.

BROWN: We didn’t say 2020 wouldn’t have obstacles.

PARKER: Exactly, exactly. And this is one of them that we’re all experiencing collectively.

BROWN: I just didn’t know it would be this kind of obstacle.

PARKER: Yeah, we ain’t know that we were gonna take this big of an “L” but it’s okay though. It’s okay though. It’s good. It’s good.

BROWN: You know what, I think this shows, it separates, you know, the sheep from the wolves, baby, we’re gonna get through this. But anyways, this episode, this is our last one for now. Um, but don’t worry, QUALI-Tea will still continue we’ll still do our thing. Um, so Kenni, I want to ask you.

PARKER: What’s up?

BROWN: From where you started freshman year with college and where you are now, how has your experience been? What are you going to look back on? And, you know, miss the most and what do you appreciate the most through everything from how you’ve transitioned?

PARKER: Wow. Honestly, I have to say the people because as I got deeper into my college career, I started getting into more and more stuff. And I think my turning point for, I guess, where my social life started heading and how that had such a positive impact on my college experience is when I decided to become an RA. I ended up meeting some of the greatest people that I will ever meet. And I kept meeting great people every year. And then I kept meeting even greater people, because I had all these residents that were awesome. And it just, it was like a cycle that just kept going, and it just kept getting better and better. And there was no way I could stop not making it better, which was a good thing. So I think that’s been one of the best experiences. And then, you know, when I also became a student ambassador, that was a really great experience too, because then I was meeting people off-campus who we’re making positive impacts too. And so it was good to be able to see people who were about to come to Bridgewater, were thinking about coming to Bridgewater and being able to tell them like, as a student who’s here, right now, I can tell you that this is a good place to be, just because I had such a good experience while I was there. And I think it was even greater that I did most of my ambassadoring senior year because then it really like mattered. I have three years’ worth of knowing what I’m talking about. So yeah.

BROWN: Wow. Yeah, it sounds like you’ve had a wonderful college experience and you definitely have made the most of it despite everything going on, especially with the way your senior year ended. I think you definitely are gonna look back and still have no regrets regardless of what it sounds like. And I think we can all only hope to have experiences just like that.


BROWN: Where we’re just like, ah, it was litty, baby.

PARKER: I was really living my best life. When they say college was supposed to be the best four years of their life, they did not lie.

BROWN: They didn’t lie. I think, and you were legit proof of this, too, man, you’re showing, you’re paving the way for others. I mean, you know, you’re getting me into a lot of this other stuff, especially student ambassador stuff, it just shows. What you experienced, you can just keep passing it on, and then it just keeps going. You know you can make other people’s experiences much better. And that kind of leads me into my next question and talk that I want to know is, you know, when you came into BCVoice, you wanted to start a podcast, you wanted to do all this. And you asked me to be a part of it, and it was an absolute honor and I think I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into this world, and we put this whole thing together. So let’s, let’s give the listeners and our people how QUALI-Tea got started. What made you want to do this podcast what got you into that?

PARKER: Honestly, when I was in true crime in sociology last semester. We were listening to a lot of podcasts. It was just these people who would talk for a while about this one thing, and it was like, it didn’t really matter if people listened to them, they just still talked about it. And I don’t know, I thought it was interesting because I kind of wanted to do the same thing. And I was like, you know, I know a lot of people, I think a lot of people would be willing to listen to this, but it’s, it’s, uh, it was all about what figuring out what they were going to listen to. And I had a tough time trying to figure out a specific topic, especially on my own. And so I resorted to like the best thing I knew, and that was finding somebody who I knew that I could have a good conversation with and turn it into something that was going to be great. And so I knew you were the best person for the job because you and I can get anything going. So.

BROWN: You could not be any more right. That’s why I’m so sad you’re leaving, cuz I’m like, man, you know I talk to myself all day but I don’t have anyone to bounce that energy back off of. Okay. Like so It definitely will be big shoes to fill in but we’re gonna we’re gonna find someone because I want to continue this you know, for you know your sake and for what we’ve created together I mean we’re gonna keep this bad boy going.


BROWN: And it’s QUALI-Tea forever, baby.

PARKER: Absolutely, gang, gang.

BROWN: It really was. You know, what started off for me as just something that was just gonna be fun to do is turning into a whole, you know, I want to say job in, a sense, you know, I learned a lot—we learned how to edit together, we learned how to, we got a logo created. I mean I didn’t expect this much to come out of it. I thought, oh, just gonna have fun talking with my girl, and now we’ve invested a lot into it more than I ever expected, and it has been awesome.

PARKER: Definitely.

BROWN: I definitely am like Man, I wish we could have been doing this could you imagine?

PARKER: Honestly this would have been wild, it would have been wild. But I’m glad that the timing fell into place when it did because I think that this is a time where a lot of people really needed it. So you know, I think that all together, it was still good timing.

BROWN: Yeah, and I only think we’re just gonna keep growing. But you know, you’ll always be the stepping stone for what we’ve created together. And it’s been, it’s been litty. So you know with that being said, what are you going to miss the most about QUALI-Tea because, I mean, you know, girl, you know, I’m gonna bring you back on alumni day when you come back.

PARKER: Absolutely!

BROWN: You’re going to be a special guest.

PARKER: Please do!

BROWN: But for now, what are you going to miss the most?

PARKER: Honestly, us being able to laugh in the studio and having to edit out how loud our laughs are. Oh guys, we’re always in there having a good time, especially when we have like guests and everything. But even if we’re just by ourselves, we always have a great time. And it’s always so much fun. And so I love being able to look back at how much fun we’re actually having doing this when it comes time to editing because when we have to listen back over it, the laughs are still coming in just as hard as it was when we were talking about it at that moment. Like one of my favorite videos is when we were editing and it was just silence and then you sniffed and we just started cracking up!

BROWN: Oh, my gosh. That was just a loud sniff, man, that was a loud sniff.

PARKER: It was, but it was the most iconic sniff that ever happened. So.

BROWN: If you follow Kenni on SNAP, I hope it pops back up in her memories, and she repost it because that is a laugh-and-a-half.

PARKER: It’s definitely coming up on my iconic snap thread, no cap. But that is one thing. I’m definitely going to miss about the QUALI-Tea. I had a good laugh every time we recorded for an episode every time.

BROWN: Me too. I think that’s what I’m definitely gonna miss the most is just our connection and laughing with you. And just it was fun. It didn’t it never felt like work besides editing, because that could take a while because of how much we laugh.


BROWN: But other than] that, it just felt, it was literally so much fun. I was like, man, this isn’t even like a job.

Parker: Right?

BROWN: So I’m gonna miss that. But yo getting down to it. As we were starting I feel like to get in the groove and kind of learn things and get the handle of editing and figuring out how to make it better. Then we had a setback with this whole COVID thing and…


BROWN: It’s been tough. We’ve, we’ve adapted, but I definitely want to say, like, it’s not how we imagined, I’m sure.

PARKER: Right.

BROWN: But with all to say, you know, we still made it work. We’re still making it work and we still had laughs along the way, virtually, you know, we’re doing it.

PARKER: Absolutely.

BROWN: What do you hope, what do you hope for QUALI-Tea in the future, you know, for me senior year and bringing in someone else? What are you hoping that is going to happen?

PARKER: Well, first of all, I hope that you personally have a great year because that reflects a lot of how the podcast is gonna go. And then I hope that we are able to find a costar that even though I mean they’re not going to be me—I feel like that sounds really, really bad, that sounds bad—anyway, even though there is not going to be our kind of partnership, I know that you guys are going to form your own special partnership and that’s going to bring a nice change to the show too. I’m just hoping that you guys keep talking about topics that people can really relate to, you know, hopefully we get to release the original version of the dating dissection episode because that jawn hit different when we were in the studio okay, but I just hope…


PARKER: …I just hope that people are able to keep, you know, resonating with what we have to say and understanding that they are not alone. And some of the stuff that they’re going through. And it’s okay they talk about these things and in the open, you know. I don’t really think anybody imagined like we will be talking about introverts and extroverts and how to understand these people. Or you know that we will be breaking down dating dissection and talking about these trends that people are too scared to: “Oh, I don’t really know if I should.” You know, I’m glad that we’re, we’re bold and we’re open enough to just put ourselves out there and talk about this stuff. And I’m hoping that you know, you guys continue to do that with the topics that you decide to pick.

BROWN: Beautiful. I definitely have the same hopes. I hope that we can just keep making QUALI-Tea better you know, keep making it QUALI-Teaer. Is that word? That’s a word. I don’t care what you say’ that’s a word.

PARKER: Making that tea sweeter.

BROWN: You can’t tell me any different, that’s the tea that’s the tweet. Right, Kenni?

PARKER: That is the tea, that is the tweet. Oh. sip on that.

BROWN: Sip on that. But that’s what I’m hoping for is just to keep making QUALI-Tea better to bounce back from this and, you know to go in and learn more and just keep adapting and adjusting and making it stronger than we ever could have imagined. And also my hope is, is when you come back, is that you know, I can bring you back on because …

PARKER: Absolutely! For sure, for sure.

BROWN: Don’t think just because you’re leaving that means you’re leaving because you’re not.

PARKER: LOL—I’m never leaving. Never. Absolutely not.

BROWN: And we can do you know, just any regular old segment like we would you know.

PARKER: Absolutely yes, I cannot wait for that moment. I’m very excited. So I will definitely be hitting you up.

BROWN: But I don’t know, I’ve had a blast in this with you, I really have. It’s been wonderful. And kind of leaving off, I’d like to say what is, what do you say your greatest achievement is—throughout all four years with everything you’ve done and all your experiences—what is it Kenni’s greatest achievement so far?

PARKER: My greatest achievement was becoming an RA. I mean, there’s really no other way to put it because I think had I not become an RA because I think, I think back to how my freshman year was, and you know, I was cool with people in my hall. You know, I had friends who were in my classes, but man, when I became an RA, it was like, I really found purpose at school. And it was like, yeah, I knew people but now, I had a reason for intentionally getting to know people and my relationships really started becoming bigger and better. And I realized that, you know, the relationships that I have with people really matter, and it wasn’t like I didn’t realize that at first, but being an RA really I mean, it just gave me a sense of responsibility—a sense of character—that I really am glad that I was able to get in touch with, so.

BROWN: That’s amazing. I definitely think, I’m sure—even though I can’t speak on anyone else—and for anyone else—I honestly think I can. You know, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I can. But you’ve impacted me, in the sense of you’ve led me to becoming a student ambassador, and I can’t wait to like give in that for sure. And then you’ve led me into, into create this whole new experience something I never thought I’d get into, the idea that was always cool, but you got me into this, and I don’t know we have a great friendship. And you know so many people. If you say the name “Kenni Parker,” everyone is like, oh my god, I know her. I’m like, it’d be it’d be insane If you didn’t know her. It’d be asinine if you didn’t know her.

PARKER: Oh my gosh. LOL.

BROWN: You’ve had a great experience here. And I think you left a mark on so many people. And I think we’re all we are all on the same page when especially when I say I’m rooting for you, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. And I can’t wait to see you when you get back and you’re a special guest again.

PARKER: We’re going to ball out.

BROWN: You’re going to do so many great things. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you and have this experience with you, that I only can hope for other people to have man, that they find someone they’re so close with and have a great connection with and they can just make QUALI-Tea. That’s really, that’s really all I want in this world.

PARKER: Absolutely. You’ve got to make that QUALI-Tea.

BROWN: I think everyone deserves that.

PARKER: And I am very blessed to have gotten that experience cuz, you know, it’s you really make my heart happy, man. I’m not really crying, y’all, but you know what, it’s okay, cuz if I was really crying I would be crying.

BROWN: Say we’re not, we’re not gonna edit out these tears right now. We’re really not though. We’re not.

PARKER: That’s what this Podcast show’s about: real effects, this is what we give them. Brown: We give you QUALI-Tea experience and emotions right now.

PARKER: You right, you right. This is the QUALI-Tea, put your emotions out there y’all.

BROWN: Exactly. But I want to say, Kenni, I know we’re gonna be lifelong friends forever. I’m always gonna know that I’d have this with you. And, you know, it’s on YouTube forever. Anyways, you know, I’m not taking down. Yeah. Um, I guess just to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and everything. And thank you for everything you’ve done for other people as well. And I look forward to when you come back. And we can have another QUALI-Tea episode and say like, we used to do it in the good old days.


BROWN: And to my listeners out there: Thank you, guys, for sticking with us. And I hope you’ll continue to stick with me and whoever my new co-star is. I promise I’ll get a formal introduction whenever that time comes.

PARKER: It’s going to be exciting!

BROWN: But I hope you stick with me. And I definitely give y’all updates on my girl Kenni because I’ll be asking about her.

PARKER: Absolutely nothing but the updates.

BROWN: Any last words to the QUALI-Tea listeners before we dip out?

PARKER: Aww, y’all were a great audience. And I’m really glad that we were able to hit you with something different. It was a really fun time being able to do this, especially knowing that you guys were going to be listening. And it was always a pleasure hearing what you guys thought about what we were doing, when, you know, I would ask y’all about it. So that was really nice. And it was really precious to hear that. We’re really into this and we were making a difference. So I’m not crying again, I’m really not. I’m not doing it.

BROWN: Have to say we love y’all, man. We love y’all.

PARKER: We really do.

BROWN: Well, this is Lexi.

PARKER: This is Kenni.

This has been the QUALI-Tea.