“Soul Food and Chat” Leads to Community Conversation on Spirituality

Traditional Comfort Food with an Intentional Message

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  • Students of the college lined up to taste soul food from The Soul Food Joint of Charlottesville, Va. before the event.

  • Powell offered students a meal from The Soul Food Joint in Charlottesville, Va., for attending the event.

  • (Left to right) BC Students tasting traditional soul food while Miller discussed spirituality.

  • Bridgewater College sophomore Jordan David, junior Ahlia Moone and junior Casey Watson engage with each other over soul food.

  • Thursday, Feb. 13, Assistant Director for Diversity Education and Advocacy, Drae Powell organized “Soul Food and Chat” sponsored by the Office of Diversity, Spiritual Life, Eagle Productions and Counseling Services.

  • Campus Chaplain Robbie Miller discussed how the body, mind and spirit are “interconnected.” Miller said to students, “the health of one effects the health of the others.”

  • Along with the comfort food, Campus Chaplain Robbie Miller (left) and Associate Dean of Students and Psychologist Neal Rittenhouse (right) provided insights. Rittenhouse spoke of self care when discussing spirituality, stating “ritual” is important in structure and consistency in one’s life when encountering struggle.

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Danielle Brooks, BCVoice Executive Director