Aramark Micro Market Opens in Place of Former Crimson Café

The New Self-Serve Convenience Store Provides Another Option


Brooke DiCicco

The Aramark Micro Market officially opens allowing students, faculty, and staff to purchase snacks 24/7 based on their convenience.

Bridgewater, Va. – Students returned from spring break to find a Micro Market convenience store in the Link where the Crimson Café once was. The new Micro Market is operated by the Aramark company. 

This convenience store-like set up is open 24/7 and has a range of food, drinks and snacks for students, faculty and staff on campus. The store features items such as frozen dinners, ice cream, soda, energy drinks, juice, candy, chips, sandwiches, salads and other breakfast to-go items.

The prices of items range from $1 to $8. Prices are not available on the items themselves,  individuals must scan an item on the self-serve machine. If they do not want the item after seeing the cost, they may remove it during checkout. 

There is also a microwave provided, so that food purchased from the store may be warmed or defrosted on site. 

Director of Campus Operation and Services, La Donna Shiflet, said they are planning to provide on-site coffee, but are waiting for campus facilities to connect a water line. 

“I think it’s a good idea to put a convenience store on campus. Bridgewater College does not have many places for commuters to eat so that helps,” said junior commuter Rebekah Moyers

Aramark is currently working on giving students the ability to use their BC Bucks or mobile wallet, but as of now the system only allows credit or debit cards. Cash will not be taken as a form of payment.

“I think it’s adequate and self-sufficient. I don’t usually carry my student ID with me because, as a commuter, I don’t need it as much. But I like that the Micro Market allows me to use my debit card for purchases,” said sophomore Kendra Ristola.  

Shiflet said there will be a grand opening of the Micro Market in the future. 

“Students should be on the lookout for an announcement on when the Grand Opening will be,” said Shiflet. 

However, the Bridgewater College community received an email on Wednesday evening from President David Bushman stating all “college-sponsored events—on and off campus—are cancelled” due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the US.

Aramark’s vibeTM Fresh Market states that they keep track of transactions to see consumer preferences of food or drink to continuously keep those items stocked. 

“I was excited about the opening of the Micro Market. Especially because I was thinking about going to get a bag of chips tonight and was excited to not have to deal with the traffic of Bridgewater,” said sophomore Victoria Hertenstein.