Coronavirus Causes an Abrupt End to All Spring Sports

Bridgewater Athletes and Coaches React to End of 2020 Spring Seasons

Olivia Carson, Staff Writer

BRIDGEWATER, Va. – On Monday, Mar. 16, all Bridgewater athletes were told that their 2020 spring season was officially cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. On March 20, ODAC made the cancellation official

For senior athletes, they had to come to the realization that their college athletic careers had reached an abrupt end. 

Senior women’s lacrosse defender Tori Hudson expressed that her initial reaction when finding out that her senior season had been cancelled was “a roller coaster of emotions.”

“One moment I was thinking about conference games then the next was me thinking if I played my last ever game to my full potential. It is a day I will never forget,” said Husdon. 

Underclassmen and coaches feel for the seniors at this time as they never got a senior night or a chance to say goodbye.   

Junior pitcher for the softball team Keirsten Kennedy said she feels sad because all of the seniors on her team have worked so hard to be where they are. “It almost doesn’t seem fair,” says Kennedy.

Head Coach for the women’s lacrosse team Racheal Bragg was grateful for everything her senior class had brought to their program. 

“They have left a great legacy and have set the tone for what future senior classes will continue to work on and constantly improve,” says Coach Bragg.

Before the cancellation, senior track and field team member Rashon Davis had a goal to win ODACs, qualify for NCAAs and to compete at nationals with his team to finish out his college track and field career. 

Head men’s lacrosse coach Mic Grant was hoping for a third consecutive trip to the ODAC playoffs this season, but is now more concerned for the safety of his players in this situation and encouraged them to divert their attention back home to the people who need them the most right now.

“The safety of my players takes precedence over anything else, so I completely agree and support the decision to cancel the remainder of the season,” says Coach Grant.

Even with the initial swarm of emotions, athletes and coaches kept a positive attitude and continue to encourage their teams to keep their heads up.  

Head baseball coach Ben Spotts encouraged all underclassmen athletes to “not take anything for granted” and to be “all in” when they come back to Bridgewater in the fall. 

Davis gave his advice to underclassmen athletes and encouraged them to be grateful and enjoy their four years at Bridgewater because their time there “is not promised.”

Hudson tells the rising seniors to “play every game like it’s your last, and run every drill like you’d never get to do it again.”