EcoAction Hosts Zoom Meeting First Day of Earth Month

Finding Positivity and Appreciating Nature During a Global Pandemic

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  • Eco Action President and senior Lauren Buckhout at the climate strike on Bridgewater College’s campus Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

  • Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, Eco Action Executive Board members participated in the worldwide strike against climate change. (Left to right) Social Media Manager and senior Taylor Sale, vice president and senior Hunter Potts, president and senior Lauren Buckhout and treasurer and senior Sarah Riley led the strike.

  • Before the strike, members of Eco Action created multiple signs for passing cars to see. Eco Action President and senior Lauren Buckhout (left) showing her sign with treasurer and senior Sarah Riley.

  • During the Zoom meeting, attendees discussed how they are staying positive amid the nationwide quarantines and finding happiness in nature.

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Danielle Brooks, BCVoice Executive Director

Bridgewater, Va.- The Bridgewater College EcoAction club hosted a virtual Zoom-meeting on Wednesday, April 1. Joined by faculty adviser Teshome Molalenge and various BC students, the meeting addressed the club’s agenda for the semester and highlighted optimistic thoughts during the global pandemic. 

April is designated as Earth Month; April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

Before the meeting, students discussed how the Coronavirus impacted their travel plans, schedules and mindsets.

Senior and EcoAction Vice President Hunter Potts discussed his plans to travel to Africa for the Peace Corps on June 5, but was uncertain whether or not his trip would be cancelled. Potts stated he was awaiting confirmation.

Senior Allisa Coles said that she planned to visit Australia but will not be able to due to travel restrictions. Coles said she was happy to be fully refunded for trip expenses.

Molalenge said this is a time for “self-reflection…I don’t think we ever expected this to happen…every single human being on this planet is on lockdown.” The adviser shared he is spending time learning and “catching up on reading.”

Molalenge identified how World Health Day on April 7 coincided with raising awareness on the Coronavirus, which may inform EcoAction plans.

“This is affecting the rich, the poor, whoever,” Molalenge said. “I’m hoping for a better planet, we are encroaching on the ecosystem and invading their territory, I hope this will balance the ecosystem at one point.”

Attendees shared their optimisms about quarantining, starting with Potts, who said he is planning trips to national parks with friends. Buckhout stated she was able to start a garden with her family, in addition to Coles, who also shared her excitement that carbon dioxide emissions are decreasing globally due to the pandemic.

Senior Sydney Ryan said that exercising is helping her stay “sane,” along with plans of visiting national parks across the country with Potts.

Senior Tori Hudson discussed her service award from the College, which because of its monetary benefits will enable her to travel with AmeriCorps this summer.

Lastly, the board discussed possible ways to spend funds from the college. Various donation campaigns were discussed. Potts identified the needs of children impacted by the coronavirus along with making donations for an organization that would plant trees.

Buckhout said the next EcoAction Zoom meeting will take place Wednesday, April 15, at 7 p.m.