Opinion: Top Ten List of Things to do During Quarantine

Social Distancing-Approved Entertainment Includes Baking and Working Out

Sidney Beck, Staff Writer

Deerfield, Va.- As everyone enters this uncertain time of quarantine, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders, it can be easy to fall into a funk of doing the same routine and attending the same class every day confined to the house.

With everyone being home, tensions can rise, and there could be a period of time where you just need to get away from everyone.

To ensure that there are plenty of activities to do in your free time of being stuck in your house, here is is a list of ideas of activities to do: 

  1. Clean your room at home– With being away at college for a while and having to move all of your belongings back home, there is bound to be some clutter. Take some time to deep clean everything. Yes, this includes actually folding your clothes, vacuuming and dusting too. 
  2. Bake some yummy treats for your house– The quarantine ensures plenty of time at your home to take time and bake something. Look up your favorite cookie recipe, bake a cake or some cupcakes for someone in your house that might be having a quarantine birthday, or maybe even try baking your own bread to avoid a trip to the grocery store, where bread items are limited. Hit up the “Desserts with the Dean” on Facebook or Instagram for some yummy recipes if you are in need of some inspiration. 
  3. Get off social media and get outside!– While there are stay-at-home orders issued in some states where students are living, this does not mean that it is illegal to simply go into your yard and enjoy some fresh air. Take your dog out for a game of fetch, or maybe even sit in your backyard and do some homework. Fresh air will do everyone some good after sitting in your house for a long period of time.
  4. Find a new hobby– Sitting at home can be extremely boring, and the urge to go out and see your friends might be hard to fight. Find a hobby that will keep you busy. Maybe try out a new makeup palette that has been sitting on your vanity for a while, order some plants online and take a shot at indoor gardening, watch some YouTube beauty tutorials and try some different hairstyles, or even try cooking some meals for your family at home. 
  5. Try some at-home workouts– Just because the gyms are closed does not mean your fitness schedule has to be canceled. Walk around your house to get some steps in or climb your stairs a couple of times. Be creative and find some household items to make weights with or even look up some meditation and yoga videos to try in your room. There are plenty of ways to stay active during a stay-at-home order; just find some possibilities. 
  6.  Self-Care!– Everything can be stressful while adjusting to a new routine, make sure you are not forgetting to self-care while finishing up online classes. Find a recipe on Pinterest for a homemade facemask, read a book that you have been telling yourself you are going to start soon, start a new series on Netflix, or even treat yourself to some therapeutic time with your pet. 
  7. Stay in touch with your friends– Social distancing has made us become creative in how we use our technology to stay in touch with friends and family. Use your resources! Make a Zoom call with your Bridgewater friends to catch up on what everyone has been doing. FaceTime some friends in your hometown, or even invite your friends to play a video game together. Just because there is a quarantine does not mean you have to lose touch.
  8. Sort through your clothes– Quarantine ensures plenty of time to sort through your closet. Make a pile of old clothes you have not worn in the last five years, or even clothes that no longer fit you. After the quarantine is lifted, take your clothes, shoes, etc. to the local thrift store or to a Goodwill and donate them. This will leave your space more open, and now you have room to buy new clothes.
  9. Rearrange your room– After getting rid of clutter, you might have some new space to set up and move around furniture in your room, and this could create a new headspace to work in and complete your online classes. 
  10. Help out around the house– Everything could be stressful now with everyone being at home. Help out by cleaning the house, offering to make dinner, helping your siblings with their homework, mowing the grass, or do any household chores to make everything a little less stressful.