Faculty and Students Enjoy Working With Their Pets

Pets Can “Make the Distance Learning Easier”

Jackie Letaiugyang, Staff Writer

In response to a request on social media and to email, BCVoice captured some of the four-legged family members of the BC community. Scroll through the images to meet them.

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  • President David Bushman said his dogs Penny (top) and Ally (bottom), are “not very helpful when it comes to my Biology 110 class, meetings with the vice presidents or trustees,” so they tend to do dog things like sleeping on the couch when he’s working. “But their superpower is stress reduction after work,” said Bushman.

  • Junior Annabel Knapp’s cat, Goose, likes to lay on top of Knapp’s notes that she takes during her online classes. “Having my pet with me while I work allows for a source of stress relief and provides a bit of laughter when he starts to act crazy,” said Knapp.

  • Sophomore Katie Baker’s dog, Marlie, likes to hang around Baker during her online class meetings. “Marlie is one of the things I miss most when I’m away from home, so it’s great to get more time with her,” said Baker. “She makes doing homework much more lively.”

  • Clementine belongs to sophomore Rae Martz. Martz just got Clementine in 2019. She has been living with Martz on campus and both Martz and Clementine had to adjust to the distant-learning process.

  • Magnus is Professor of Communication Studies & Theatre Melanie Laliker’s dog. “He is very sweet and typically is glued to my side, but he hates having the camera in front of his face,” said Laliker.

  • Princeton belongs to junior Tristan Supples. “I’ve really enjoyed having my pups there with me while I’m in classes because they like to sit on my lap while I work or are on the couch beside me,” said Supples. “It makes the distance learning easier to have them there, even if sometimes they interrupt my meetings.”

  • Annie belongs to junior Racheal King. King said that her dog helps her get a break from doing school work and go outside for walks.

  • Finley belongs to sophomore Kendra Ristola. “I find that petting my cat while I’m working on a big paper to be really soothing,” said Ristola. “It’s nice to have them there for de-stressing. They can be a bit distracting because I wanna play with them instead of focus on my work but I like them being there.”

  • Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Michele Strano Clark said her dog, Milo Strano Clark, reminds her to, “take breaks from her work to enjoy the sunshine and go on walks.”

  • You can typically find Practitioner in Residence of Art Ron Alabanza’s Pomsky, named Dakota, on his lap while he works from home.

  • Chance belongs to senior Emilee Brasseur. He likes to snuggle up with Emilee while she does her school work.

  • Communication Studies Practitioner in Residence Ady Dewey’s dog, Auggie, and cat, Stanzi, welcome having her teach from home versus watching for her to return from campus to get their evening snacks.

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