Using Social Media To Spread Positivity

Videos and Memes to Spark Laughter

Jackie Letaiugyang, Staff Writer

Bridgewater Va. –  Since social distancing began, many people are finding ways to use their social media platforms to spread positivity and laughter, as videos and memes are surfacing on these platforms.
On Instagram, someone turned a scene from “Finding Nemo” into a meme. Since everyone is socially distancing, the picture seems fit to the current state of the country.

One of the popular platforms people are using is Tik Tok; which is an app that allows people to create a short video of them dancing, lip syncing or even showcasing any talents they have.
This bunch decided to make a Coronavirus song. The tune of the song is “Staying Alive” from the pop group, the Bee Gees.
What better to do when you are stuck in self-quarantine? This individual reenacted the movie “Up” by tying their pet to several balloons and letting it float into the air. The dog even has a pair of motorcycle goggles on.
One should never question a chef’s cooking. In this short clip, the chef got a suggestion on what was missing from his cooking. His response was nearly a choking hazard.
People also like to post bloopers from television shows, movies and even live TV. This individual posted a “moment gone wrong” on NBC12, where the reporter read out a word that was incorrect. As the context of the story fell into place, the reporter realized what he said was wrong and proceeded to correct it, but it was too late.
Another news anchor mess-up: A WDBJ7 reporter talked about a cat “who’s hitting the water instead of the gym, in effort to lose weight.” The funny part is not so much the cat swimming in a swimming pool but rather its reporter trying to get through the information.
Finally, making use of YouTube to bring smiles, “The Office’s” John Krasinski and Steve Carell are sharing the week’s good news in a new series. Here’s the tweet that announced it.