New Rules for Parking on Campus


Tristan Supples

The KCC parking lot after the new parking rules were enacted.

Jake Smith, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Campus Police and Safety has established new parking rules that directly impact Bridgewater students.

In previous years there have been three separate parking zones: commuter student zone, residential student zone, and a faculty and staff zone.

While the signage remains the same, the rules are changed. This semester, students are allowed to park in either residential or commuter parking, as long as they have a 2020-21 decal.

For many students this is a welcome change to the parking structure at Bridgewater.

“Since I am commuting to campus for the first time it is convenient to be able to park behind McKinney, especially since most of my classes are located here. It also does not seem like there is anyone fighting over spots in the KCC parking lot like there was last year,” said senior mathematics major Erika Clary.

This policy change is only in effect for the fall semester, as parking is expected to return to the previous policy starting in the spring semester.

Students, faculty and staff all must have decals for their vehicles. “There is a large population of students who have yet to pick up their decals,” stated Assistant to the Chief and Communications Officer Tella Klein.

If you have not picked up your decal from Campus Police and Safety, contact Tella Klein (540-515-3758 or [email protected]).