Covid-19 Impacts the Humanities and Social Sciences at Bridgewater College

The Division has Learned to Adapt to the Changes in Educational Structure


Olivia Carson

Junior political science major Melissa Wilson preparing to log on to her zoom class in the Forrer Learning Commons at Bridgewater College.

Olivia Carson, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – With the Coronavirus pandemic still in full force, the humanities and social sciences division has had to adapt. 

Division Head Harriett Hayes asserts that she is blessed with great faculty who have been very careful and have adapted very well to the new academic changes at Bridgewater College. 

“I am very impressed with the faculty and staff in this division,” said Hayes as she discusses the changes professors and students have had to go through this semester.

Many of the courses in the division are discussion-based and having to figure out how to communicate effectively when classes are split between Zoom and in-person meetings has been challenging.

Many of the humanities and social science professors worked together during the spring of 2020 to properly teach their lessons over Zoom. Hayes feels that her division had a bit of an advantage when the Fall 2020 semester started, because they had all used Zoom before and did not seem to have many problems while instructing.

Junior political science major Melissa Wilson believes that her professors are doing well with the new changes and that they are being very patient, as students and professors reveal that working with Zoom can be very frustrating.

“I am currently taking constitutional law with Dr. Josefson and I have found it to be more difficult to participate when you are taking the class virtually, but other than that, there have not been many issues,” said Wilson.

The division asserts that the biggest challenges throughout this semester with physical distancing rules have been experiential courses and figuring out how to get students engaged with the material.