Alumni Athletic Spotlight

Dayton Carpenter Continues to Have Roots in Place at Bridgewater College


Leyton Pullin

Dayton Carpenter is a 2018 Bridgewater College graduate who was a member of the tennis team. Carpenter recently moved into his new office in Yount Hall after being named Assistant Director of Admissions-Campus Visits.

Leyton Pullin, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Dayton Carpenter graduated from Bridgewater College in 2018 with a BA in business administration and an emphasis in organizational management. While at BC, Carpenter was a member of the tennis team for three years — after transferring from Blue Ridge Community College. 

While on the tennis team, Carpenter did not see much court time. He put together a career record of 2-3 in singles and 2-2 in doubles. 

Although Carpenter’s time on the court may have been small, his presence at Bridgewater is still felt — as he currently works for the college. 

Carpenter is working in the admissions department, helping newly accepted and prospective students alike. In June of 2020, Carpenter took on a new role as the Assistant Director of Admissions-Campus Visits. 

Carpenter is now in charge of all the campus visit experiences. Carpenter also finds himself in charge of the BC Student Ambassadors, who are the select individuals that you can see leading campus tours. 

 Carpenter still shares a very strong bond with his tennis coach Jordan Robinson. From time to time, before COVID-19, the two could be found eating together in the KCC and sometimes on the phone discussing tennis and other professional sports. Dayton has also been known to join some of coach Robinson’s practices or help out if needed.

“Coach Robinson helped me get in touch with the admissions and my current boss, Jarret Smith,” said Carpenter. 

“On top of that I’m still in touch with lots of professors, not even ones I’ve had. Just because that’s what my job requires,” said Carpenter. Carpenter also mentioned other professors and faculty members he is still in contact with, including Dr. Vargas and Roy Ferguson. 

Carpenter also keeps in touch with several of his former Bridgewater teammates as well, such as Sonet Ghandi and current Wilson Memorial Head Tennis Coach Freddie Roberts. 

Carpenter is currently waiting for things to return to normal and is looking forward to hopefully seeing tennis and all sports in the spring.