The Doors Will be Reopening Soon at the Bridgewater Retirement Community

Residents Will Now Be Permitted to Visit With Others Inside and Outside of the Facility


Diamond Huskey

Facility-Wide Testing at Bridgewater Retirement Community Comes Back 100% Negative.

Diamond Huskey, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – At the Bridgewater Retirement Community, visitation has not been permitted
for both outside visitors and for residents living within the facility, however, that rule is soon to
be discontinued.

The next phase of the BRC reopening process is allowing residents to mingle and personally visit
other residents on campus. Residents have not been able to see each other since COVID-19 took
its highest peak.

Faculty and staff are working toward a date to pursue the new policy. They have to consider
social distancing, keeping the facility sanitized and ensuring that residents are willing to comply.

“The most important thing about reopening visitation to the other residents is that our COVID-19
cases still remain at zero after exchanges with loved ones and local residents,” said Erika Nettles,
dining staff volunteer worker.

Residents are excited about the next phase, because not only have they been locked out from
their loved ones on the outside, but some residents have loved ones in the facility that they have
not been able to see as well.

One resident says that she has not seen her husband since March, because he has been in critical
condition. She is excited because while she may not be able to interact with him, seeing him
would mean the world to her.

There is another opportunity for residents to socialize at a new small cafeteria called The
Junction, where residents from the houses and villages can cross the street and eat with others
outside of where they live.

“There is a lot of excitement as the residents from BRC are now able to socialize and with the
addition of the new cafe, it’s going to offer more diverse food options as the residents may be
weary of the options they have now,” said Nettles.