The Alumni Relations Office Develops New Avenues to Connect

Bridgewater College Alumni Are Given Opportunities to Engage Virtually

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  • The office of Alumni Relations has a Facebook page where they post content about past and future events. The page is being used more than ever before as in-person gatherings, like Homecoming, are not scheduled to happen this semester.

  • Bridgewater College Alumni Relations office posts digital series and other events on their YouTube page for alumni to stay connected with what goes on on campus.

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Cassidy Wagoner, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College has made it a priority to connect alumni with events that are happening on campus. The Bridgewater College Alumni Relations office posts content on their Facebook page and Youtube channel to keep alumni up to date with what is happening.  

One major event that will not be held this year is Homecoming. Homecoming is the largest  alumni event that the school holds each year. In the absence of homecoming, virtual events are still allowing alumni to gather. 

“We are now doing a variety of live events for alumni, there is a lot more digital engagement with video. There is not much of an interactive feature with live virtual events. This is all new to us, it gives us the opportunity to reimagine what we are doing and why we are doing it,” said Colby Horne, senior director of Alumni Relations and annual giving. 

BC has held events like “Catching Up With Coach Clark,” which gave alumni a chance to interact with their past college coaches and ask questions about the future of BC football. 

Endowed lectures are being shared with alumni, as well, on all platforms. There are also book readings by the children’s literature course (ENG 345W) that alumni with children can participate in by joining virtually. 

“We can’t predict the future, we know we can keep doing video’s virtually,” said Maria Carpenter, assistant director of Alumni Relations. “The content of the videos are constantly changing. We can keep doing most of the events virtually when we gather in person.”