Main Dining Hall Catering to Student Requests

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Jodie Welsh

The schedule for meals during the week of September 14 through the 20th. Showcasing meals that students requested.

Jodie Welsh, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Kline Campus Center main dining hall has been showcasing “Student Requests” by implementing meals that students have picked out themselves. 

Some of the meals that were featured in weeks past are on their Instagram account. 

Some of the selections were meatloaf, honey stung chicken, hot dog bar and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits. 

Junior Kellen Hodge believes that putting these requests into place more often would also please students. 

“The selections are a good idea because it gives better options rather than them picking out the meals,” said Hodge.

This addition allows the KCC to show that they are listening to students and putting their requests into action. Through student requests, the KCC can provide meals that students prefer, allowing for more options to choose from.  

Sophomore Allie Burris thought that the selection was “nothing special.” She explained that more fresh vegetables would be an improvement that the dining hall could make in order to please students.