Long-Serving Coach and Instructor Shane Stevens

BC Alum a Part of Campus Since 1979


BC Track and Field

Head Track and Field Coach Shane Stevens at practice on Monday, Sept. 28, 2020. An instructor in the math department, Stevens has been part of the BC community for 38 years.

Leyton Pullin, Staff Writer

Bridgewater Va. – Shane Stevens graduated from Bridgewater College in 1979 with a double major in Economics and Business. Upon graduation, Stevens contemplated joining the U.S. Navy, but then decided to attend James Madison University and get his M.B.A. 

Stevens then returned to BC and was a scout for the football team for a few games. The next season, he was approached to become an assistant coach. During that summer, he was approached by a former professor of his, and the professor asked him if he would be interested in teaching a few courses. 

“I told him, I had never thought about teaching at all,” said Stevens. 

The professor convinced him to teach a few business classes that fall. Stevens then finished his year teaching and as a coach of the football team. He had planned on entering the Navy, but at the end of the year legendary track and field coach Doc Jopson decided to retire. 

“[Jopson] said he was gonna put in a recommendation for me if I decided to change my mind.” 

And change his mind he did, as he would take a job as a track coach for Bridgewater College. Stevens explained that his decision went right alongside the NCAA D-III vision at the time that if you were a coach, you could also teach. 

In 1990, Stevens switched from teaching in the business department to the math and computer science department — where he still is to this day.

“Over the years we’ve had some pretty good teams. I’ve had the opportunity to teach some pretty great students. I don’t take any credit for anything that we’ve been able to accomplish because it’s all a team effort. No matter if it’s coaching or teaching,” said Stevens. 

Along with coaching and teaching, Stevens and his family still remain involved at BC, as his two children both are Eagles. His oldest son graduated in the class of 2020 and his youngest son is currently a junior — both in history and political science.

Off the track, Stevens enjoys his hobby of collecting antique British cars. He has six cars in total and three of them are Triumph TR6s. His favorite car in his collection is his 1975 TR6. He explained that due to the pandemic, he has not been able to get them out much. Stevens also mentioned that without his wife’s attitude towards the cars, he would not be able to have as many as he does. 

Stevens is coming off of stellar 2019 and 2020 seasons, with a 2019 ODAC crown and six athletes sent to the NCAA national meet. Stevens was also named the 2020 ODAC assistant coach of the year during the pandemic shortened season.

This year makes number thirty-eight at Bridgewater College for Stevens. Stevens, much like other fellow Eagles, is looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy.