Bridgewater Retirement Community Has Officially Begun Window Visits

Visitors are Now Able to See Their Loved Ones for an Unlimited Time


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Window visits are now being permitted at Bridgewater Retirement Community. Visitors are allowed to visit once a week and can stay as long as they please.

Diamond Huskey, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va – Bridgewater Retirement Community has opened up their window visits so that residents can spend unlimited time with their family and friends. 

BRC has not officially opened their facilities up to the public, so the window visits are a way to keep in contact with the loved ones on the outside. 

Residents in the nursing household, assisted living household and memory care household may schedule up to one window visit a week, with a maximum of two visitors at a time. Timing is unlimited and visitors are allowed to stay however long they please. Each house has a designed area for the visitations to take place.

Residents are also allowed to schedule visits to see friends and family within the facilities. The scheduling process is the same as the window visits, but they are allowed to get multiple visits during the week.  

“We love when the residents are able to get visitation because when they are happy we are happy, it makes the residents feel like they belong here and that makes our job easier,” said volunteer worker Erika Nettles. 

As BRC hopes to continue to the next step of preparing for the opening of visitation, all residents are still being monitored throughout these processes. They are checked twice a day for COVID-like symptoms, which include temperature readings.

“We hope the window visits are one step closer to the reopening of the retirement home, because we and the residents miss the community,” said Nettles.