BC Habitat for Humanity Cooking Up Ways to Make a Change

COVID-19 Cancels Popular Chili Cook-Off


Naomi Reynolds

Junior Naomi Reynolds (Right). Bridgewater College Habitat for Humanity had to cancel the chili cook-off this year due to COVID-19. The organization still has plans to promote events to get people involved and continue helping the community.

Alexis Brown, Staff Writer

Bridgewater Va. – The chili cook-off, a popular fundraiser that typically happens during family weekend, will not be held this year, but the Bridgewater College Habitat for Humanity is finding ways to still contribute to the community.

“Corona has messed up a lot of our work,” said junior Naomi Reynolds. “We always host the chili cook-off for family weekend and this year we could not do that. That is where we do a lot of fundraising and people love it, so not being able to do it is a bummer.” 

Instead of gathering on campus, families will be able to visit virtually on Oct. 24.

The club also had to put a hold on their local building homes day, where they go out to help build and fix up homes in or near the area, due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Not every event, however, is canceled.

“We are still planning to have our act, build, speak week where we promote the organization and give back to the community. We are still in the works of everything, but we are hoping to make it happen,” said Reynolds. 

“I hope we are able to add more and new people to get involved, work, and enjoy themselves,” said junior Bryce Tonia.