Mini-Golf Tournament Scores

Recreation Center Holds Competition for Bridgewater College Students

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  • Pictured from left to right are juniors Kelsi Listman, Mike Clift, Andrew Meechan, and Wilkohn Glay. There was plenty of friendly competition within the group, as each student wanted to win a free t-shirt.

  • Junior Mike Clift lines up his putt as junior Wilkohn Glay patiently watches. Clift finished first amongst his group with a score of 55, but it was not enough to get him a free t-shirt.

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Zachary Gray, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Bridgewater College’s recreation center held a mini-golf event on Saturday, Oct. 24, which saw a better turnout than most club events have seen this semester. The event took place at the Sandy Bottom mini-golf course where the top three scorers won a free t-shirt. 

Thirteen people participated in the two-hour event. The top three lowest scores won a free t-shirt and everyone that participated would have a chance to win $25 credit for the BC store. 

“At the end of the day, after everyone has participated, we’re going to count everyone’s score card again and find the three lowest scores, and we’ll email them notifying they are one of the winners,” said senior Kenny Sullivan. 

Sullivan was the event’s coordinator and was in charge of keeping up with how many people participated and made sure everyone counted their scores correctly.

Sophomore Samantha Klimczak had the lowest score of the day with 50; freshman Connor Atkins got second place with a score of 52; and junior Lexia Werner’s score of 53 points put her at third. 

“This was my first time playing on an actual putt putt course and this course is actually really hard,” said junior Wilkohn Glay. 

Even with this event only being mini-golf, there was still plenty of competition between students to get the best score. 

“Wilkohn has been the luckiest person so far today and he’ll probably win because of it,” said junior Andrew Meechan. 

During the middle of a global pandemic, BC has seen a decline in student participation in school events because of so many students being remote learners and other events not able to follow COVID-19 guidelines. 

Mini-golf followed COVID-19 guidelines by ensuring that everyone wore masks and that groups stayed at least a hole apart to ensure social distancing.