A Look Towards Next Semester


Dean Barker, Sports Editor

Williamsburg, Va. – This semester has been unlike any other. This year I decided to stay entirely remote. Being someone who was previously homeschooled, it was not the hardest transition. 

Nonetheless, this is not how a college experience is supposed to be. Not being able to be on campus and spend time with friends or make new ones is difficult. While gatherings are still allowed, so long as specific guidelines are followed, it is hard to act like we are living in normal times.

As we look towards next semester, it seems as though it still will not be back to normal. And I am not just talking about the virus. Do not get me wrong; I will certainly enjoy a longer Christmas break. 

I will not, however, be looking forward to a grueling fifteen week semester with no spring break. My very last one at Bridgewater College. I know that BC will one day be back to normal, but I will not be here on that day.

As the sports editor, I am hoping that our Eagles will have games to cover in the spring. We are in a situation where there may or may not be a season, depending on a host of factors. 

However, having a lack of games has given BCVoice the opportunity to connect deeper with former athletes and coaches, as well as current ones. 

If BC has a season, it appears that fall, winter and spring teams might overlap. Whether we have a season or not, it will not be a normal one.

There is also the highly contentious situation with the future of our country. I am not sure how to comment on specifics about this election, but it is clear that America is having an identity crisis. 

Two large portions of the country are divided on how our country should move forward. 

Regardless of who is inaugurated in January, some people will rejoice and others will be frustrated, and that is okay. As Americans, we should not silence our opinions just to get along, so long as we can be respectful. 

While we are divided in our aspirations for this country, at least we are united in our passion for this country. More people than ever before voiced their opinion on what they wanted America to be. If nothing else, we can celebrate that.

Needless to say, the “new normal” has not been normal at all — but in terms of 2020, a lack of normalcy is quite normal.