Catching-up With The KCC


@bridgewatercollegedining on Instagram

Among other new adjustments to the KCC this semester, is the addition of posts on the dining hall’s Instagram that showcase staff members. The most recent post displays cook Lamar Fleming.

Jodie Welsh and Katie Baker

Bridgewater, Va. – This semester has seen adjustments to the operation of the KCC, however, some traditions will remain the same. Holiday meals and Finals Frenzy are among the traditions in the KCC that Bridgewater College students will still get to experience.  

The majority of the adjustments happening in the KCC are a result of COVID-19 regulations, while other adjustments have a more positive ring to them — which are additions like getting to know the staff and including an increase of hot meals to offset the cold temperatures outside. 

“I appreciate the effort that they always put into trying new things,” said sophomore Ashley Martin. 

Bridgewater College’s dining hall has been posting “get to know our staff” pictures on their Instagram page in order to familiarize the students with the workers that serve them every day. 

Geordon Duncan, the general manager of the dining service, says that the goal with these posts is to get to know the team and to allow the students to learn fun facts about the staff. 

A lot of the staff work downstairs preparing food; therefore, students do not get to see them upstairs in the dining hall. Showcasing the staff on social media allows them to feel appreciated, as well as gives the students a chance to learn more about them.

Duncan explained that they choose staff at random. Someone will go around, choose a member of the staff, take a picture of them, and spend a few minutes interviewing them. Later, the photo is uploaded to the @bridgewatercollegedining Instagram page. 

Senior Mikaela Brooks says these posts make her feel more connected to the Bridgewater College staff and community. 

The most recent post showcases Lamar Fleming, a cook who has been with the college for a year. 

As the weather changes, so are the meals in the KCC. The colder months in the Shenandoah Valley bring in warmer foods for Bridgewater College students. 

Some examples of the meals that will be showcased in the dining hall during the winter are different kinds of soups and comfort foods. 

According to Duncan, the dining hall is focusing on winter-friendly meals and “adding a seasonal flare” to some of their dishes by including seasonal vegetables and fruit. 

Sophomore Annika Benson says that she is looking forward to these meals to keep her warm while she is at school and will miss the mashed potatoes during Christmas break. 

As they do every year, the dining hall held their Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 20 with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods.  

With less than a week to go in the semester, the final events in the KCC are a holiday luncheon and Finals Frenzy.  

“I’m excited for Finals Frenzy, but I know it won’t be the same,” said senior Olivia Sly. 

The Finals Frenzy will be on Dec. 7, from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The event will feature a tater tot bar and gourmet pancake bar. In addition, swag bags will be handed out to students who are in-person and mailed to students who are remote. 

 According to Duncan, the holiday luncheon will be on Dec. 8, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.