CEAT Presents Brainteaser and Puzzle Night

Riddle Filled Event for Bridgewater College Remote and In-person Students


Jordan Davis

Junior and business major Jaden Bynum (pictured here) joined the Zoom version of CEAT’s brainteaser and puzzle night. The event was hosted by Sam Schlernitzauer, coordinator of student engagement and leadership, and featured a chance to win a $100 prize from Amazon.

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On Jan. 29, CEAT hosted a brainteaser and puzzle night at the Link and on Zoom. The event featured Sudoku puzzles, CrossWord puzzles and a True or False game for the BC community to round off the third week of spring semester. 

Students were prompted to attend this event by posters placed around campus, campus event emails and a flyer on the MyBC website. Students filled the Link and the online Zoom session ready for a fun-filled, brain-teasing session.

Casey Watson, senior Biology major, opted out of her final semester at BC. Due to her decision to become a fully remote student, Watson has not been able to attend any of the on-campus events like she would have in previous semesters. 

“Thanks to CEAT, I feel as though I am completely included on campus although I am not physically there,” said Watson. “Plus, who does not love the chance to win free stuff?” 

The brainteaser and puzzle night started at 8 p.m. Sam Schlernitzauer, coordinator of student engagement and leadership, started off the night welcoming all the students and asking each student, whether virtual or in person, how their semester has been going on so far. 

Schlernitzauer played music throughout the night to keep the excitement flowing. 

While checking in to the in-person event at the Link, students were required to wear masks, have a green checkmark on the LiveSafe app and maintain at least six-feet for social distancing protocols.  

The winner of the night won a $100 prize to Amazon.