Decision on Outdoor Spectators for Sports Expected This Week


Bryce Cline

Nininger Hall sits empty as no fans are allowed in for sporting events for the winter. A decision on the spring and fall outdoor sports spectator situation is expected this week.

Leyton Pullin, Staff Writer

Bridgewater Va. – The ODAC is expected to make a decision on whether or not outdoor sports can have spectators this coming week. 

Winter sports, such as basketball and swimming, have had a winter unlike any other as they have had no spectators at all this season. 

Winter sports teams have had to rely on the support from their teammates and coaches and have had none from their peers, loyal Eagles fans or parents in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Spring and fall sports that take place outside are still waiting on the decision from the ODAC on whether they will have spectators in attendance or not.

Bridgewater student-athletes and coaches alike are awaiting the decision. 

“I think spectators certainly have an effect on all sports, inside or outdoors,” said head tennis coach Jordon Robinson. “I think with tennis, just having support from fans outside of coaches and teammates can provide great motivation for players during matches. The fans are a big reason college tennis is such an exciting atmosphere to be a part of.”

“Obviously I hope that they allow spectators because they add a certain element that can’t be recreated and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, but hopefully they find a way to allow them that doesn’t jeopardize the safety of everyone,” said junior Matthew Gordon, one of Robinsons players.

This winter, all sports have streamed their events through, but for a sport such as tennis, streaming is difficult due to having six different courts with action on all of them.

Robinson added that he would like to see fans attend if there is a safe way to do that in an outdoor environment.

“I know the college will do their best to make a decision that is safest and best for everyone involved,” Robinson said.