COVID-19 Presents EcoAction With a New Purpose

Bridgewater College Students Raise Awareness for Sustainable Practices on Campus


Garrett Estep

Members of the student body and facility met on East College Street in Bridgewater for a climate strike in September 2019 to display their homemade signs to raise awareness for climate justice.

Ashlee VanArsdale, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – COVID-19 has presented challenges for the EcoAction club in regards to meeting and achieving their goals. However, COVID-19 policies such as the increased use of plastic in the main dining hall have given the club a new focus. 

“EcoAction is BC’s sustainability club,” said sophomore Garrett Estep, vice president of the club. “Whether it be through meetings, campus events or community projects — EcoAction promotes sustainable living and encourages mindful interaction with our surrounding environment.”

Flyers have been posted in the KCC by EcoAction to remind students to use their own reusable items to reduce plastic waste on campus. 

COVID-19 has allowed for a shift in the club’s attention. Estep said that the club is focusing on awareness activities, like the flyer initiative, to help remind people to bring their own silverware, cups and other reusable items to use for their meals.

While tackling the issue of plastic, the club is also working on providing a monthly recycling event on the campus mall. 

EcoAction will have a table set up with boxes to sort out recyclable products for proper disposal, which means that students do not have to throw away any more than they need to — while contributing to the club’s cause.

This trend is growing popular on and off-campus. 

“EcoAction has helped me apply environmental awareness of my own actions, mostly when it comes to disposable items,” said senior club member Joshua Sprouse. “I started to practice recycling back home with my grandmother because of the club, and we recycle everything now!”

If you have any questions or recommendations for the club, please contact Garrett Estep at [email protected].