Catching-up With the Gurus

Digital Scholarship Gurus Offer Technological Help to Bridgewater College Students

Molly Lynch, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – Digital Scholarship Gurus is a program offered by Bridgewater College to give students opportunities to obtain technological help from their peers. 

Holden Andrews is a graduate student at BC and is the coordinator of digital scholarship gurus. 

Andrews explained that the gurus are available to assist students with a variety of digital media platforms and that they hold workshops to teach students various technological skills. 

“We offer support in a variety of digital media areas so whether that is a platform, like Adobe Suite or any other digital media platform,” said Andrews. “We also provide assistance with how-to demonstrations such as photography, videography — so both the software side and the hardware side.”

During their last workshop, junior Kylee Lorio taught about the different ways students can improve their photography with tricks to use on their phones. 

One topic Lorio mentioned was how to use the panoramic camera in different ways. One way was getting a whole building in the background when taking a picture of a person. 

The gurus plan on having several workshops in the future. 

“Our next workshop is on the 17th, I believe it’s for the video editing software Premiere Pro, and then we also have a Valentine’s Day paint bar coming up,” said Andrews. 

“Typically gurus run these [workshops] and generally it’s whoever is the most specialized in that specific workshop topic,” said Lorio.

The gurus also offer help and support for seniors when making their FILA-450 portfolios. 

“So we help the students by creating the main WordPress site in the specific Bridgewater WordPress database,” said Andrews. “We help students format their sites how they wish. We have tutorials on our website and then they can also schedule appointments with us too to really optimize that process.” 

The gurus are available for students to meet with or ask questions. The gurus hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

“We’re in the Learning Commons, so either the coordinator, Dwayne, or myself is usually in the office — which is room 113 and all other gurus are located in the Research Services suite,” said Andrews. 

“Students can email us and set up an appointment at [email protected] and then they can just state their preference whether they’re in-person or whether they would like virtual,” said Andrews. We do a lot of Zoom meetings for students.”