Pinion Players Set to Perform “Rumors” in March


Katelyn Harrison

(Pictured clockwise, starting from bottom left) Sophomore Adam Lorfink, senior Avery Njau, junior Carlos Allen, senior Kylee Lorio, senior Elysia Gomez and junior Kylie Chisnell work on the Pinion Players Club performance of the show “Rumors.” The show is set to be performed on March 19 and 20 with rehearsals three times weekly leading up to the production.

Katelyn Harrison, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Pinion Players Club is currently working on the show “Rumors” to be performed March 19 and 20, with hopes of having the option for a live audience. 

The club currently meets two to three times per week, typically on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on the Cole Hall Stage. 

“We are doing a big production called ‘Rumors’ for this semester,” said junior Elysia Gomez, the club’s president. “After that we’re going to do another production called ‘Under the Sunbeams.’” 

Along with the production, the club is also doing monthly read-throughs of original pieces and some other shows of the comedy and drama genres. 

The current show has a cast of about ten students from the Pinion Players Club and they are planning to have a full set for the performance. 

“We are doing a full set, like a whole living room when you walk into a house,” said sophomore Adam Lorfink, the show’s director. “The set is going to be rather large.” 

As they work on the show the club has split up rehearsals to a few students each day durings times that work with their class schedules. 

“There’s a lot of stuff in the show and a lot of chaos with it,” said Lorfink. “And I’m excited to see the outcome of it.”