Bridgewater College Pays Tribute to Patti Sobein

The Passing of The Beloved Parkhurst Dining Employee is Grieved on Campus

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  • The Bridgewater College community grieves the loss of Patti Sobein, who has served the faculty, staff and students at BC for over five years.

  • Parkhurst dining honored the late Patti Sobein in many different ways.

  • Bridgewater College students reflected on the impact of the late Patti Sobein on sticky notes on a window outside of the KCC.

  • Parkhurst dining provided an opportunity to commemorate Patti Sobein at a memorial service on Wednesday evening. The College Chaplain Robbie Miller gave a brief message.

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Katie Baker and Laraya Billups

Bridgewater, Va. – On Monday, April 12, the Bridgewater College community learned of the passing of Patti Sobein. “Mrs. Patti,” worked for Parkhurst dining in the deli and at the cash register for over five years, but is most known for her infamous jokes, her boisterous laughter, her larger than life heart, her bright smile and her woo-back Wednesday calls.  

Sophomore Jordon Brown was “blessed she got to meet Ms. Patti.”  

“She made me feel appreciated and loved, and she always knew how to make people feel good on their worst day,” said Brown. 

“She would always greet me and my roommate with a smile and call us sons. She would also always tell us a corny joke,” said junior Joshua Trapp.

On Wednesday evening, Parkhurst dining held a tribute to Sobein in Cole Hall for BC students, faculty and staff. At the service, the College Chaplain Robbie Miller offered a brief message, Parkhurst General Manager Geordon Duncan spoke and read a sentiment from the family of Sobein. 

“Mrs. Patti was always smiling, making jokes with students, and cared for each and every one of the students here at Bridgewater College. Mrs. Patti will be greatly missed,” said Duncan. 

“Mrs. Patti was an amazing person, and the conversations we have shared, I will cherish,” said sophomore Janae Ackerman. “She made my day brighter going to the KCC.”

Attendees were also given an opportunity to speak on what Sobein meant to them and how she impacted their lives. Numerous students and staff relayed their favorites jokes that Sobein had told them. Others mentioned how it felt to be loved and taken care of by Sobein on a daily basis. 

“She always called us her babies,” said first-year Karis David. “She had a light that gave and gave.”

“Anytime I went to the KCC, she would always have a conversation with me,” said senior Brittany Utley. “If you looked tired or out of it, she would tell you to take a nap and make sure you’re taking care of yourself. She was a very positive influence on campus.”

The resounding belief was that Sobein made everyone she come in contact with feel special. The service concluded with the sentiment that the best way to honor Sobein, would be to pass on love to others and to not forget to spread a little laughter along the way. 

“The huge impact that she had on people and the love that she spread is endless and will continue on,” said Parkhurst Supervisor Kayla Ruff.