Praise and Popsicles

Bridgewater College’s Spiritual Life Board Hosts Activity for Campus

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  • During the Praise and Popsicles event, members of the Engage Worship band led the crowd in praise. “I love the family environment within the group. We laugh, cry and pray together. I also love how we show God’s love throughout campus. Seeing the ways people are impacted by God’s love through our events makes me want to stay involved,” said sophomore Aaron Nau.

  • Senior Noah Flint shared a devotional with the crowd during the Praise and Popsicles event about “Ful-fill-ment”. “I got the word [for the message] through some of the thoughts I’ve been having about graduation and what comes next. I hope that if anyone got something from it it’s that even though we might look different, vote differently, or have different talents, that we are one body. We need to have Jesus to keep us on the right path to finding our fulfillment,” said Flint.

  • On April, 16, the Bridgewater College Spiritual Life Board held an event on campus called Praise and Popsicles. At the event, there were games, worship, popsicles and a devotional.

  • One of the games played at the event is called wah. The game involves someone having the wah power, someone passing it off to another in the circle and then two of the players to their sides interacting in response. If someone messes up or is late, they are out of the game.

  • A version of tag was also played at the event. Three participants were given a noodle to tag others with in order to properly social distance during the game. The boundaries of the game would slowly close in as the game progressed until everyone but one person was tagged.

  • College Chaplain Robbie Miller participated with students in the games. Miller played rock, paper, scissors along with other games at the event.

  • Junior Lamonte Jones won in rock, paper, scissors against senior Olivia Sly. “My favorite part of the event was when we played group games. It was really fun to come together as a community with people I don’t normally hang out with,” said Sly.

  • After beating senior Noah Flint in rock, paper, scissors, sophomore Maggie Hodnett celebrates. This was the first time of three that Hodnett beat Flint. “In the moment, I was really nervous because usually I am not good at rock, paper, scissors. I was also excited and determined because I’m a very competitive person and wanted to win,” said Hodnett.

  • During this game of tag, sophomore Maggie Hodnett had the noodle to tag others with. Sophomore Seth Spire is the other pictured running from Hodnett. Spire will be on the spiritual life board next year. “I really enjoy having events that involve a wider base of students on campus and allow different groups and those not involved in specific groups to interact. Any opportunity to express and celebrate our faith and the faith of others is always a great thing,” said Spire.

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Brooke DiCicco, Staff Writer