BCSA Seeks Out it’s First Chair and Co-Chair

The New Student Government is Accepting Applications For its Leadership Positions


Isaac Miller

Students who are interested in applying for Chair or Co-Chair positions for the BCSA can find more information in the Student Life Suite, located on the bottom floor of the KCC.

Isaac Miller, Audio Manager

Bridgewater, Va. – The Bridgewater College Student Association is accepting applications for the positions of chair and co-chair, who will lead the group. 

Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership Samantha Schlernitzauer described the role of the chair of the BCSA as the “external face” of the group, serving as its head liaison between the student body and the BCSA. This will be accomplished via weekly public meetings and monthly town hall meetings, where students can interact directly with BCSA leadership. 

While the co-chair will fill a similar role, Schlernitzauer said they will also be responsible for coordinating between the BCSA chair and five committee chairs — who will represent different groups of student organizations on campus. 

In vetting applicants for the position, Schlernitzauer said she will be looking for “someone who wants BC to be successful… we want someone that wants to make sure student voices being heard is of the utmost priority.”

“In addition, we’re looking for someone who has really strong communication skills, who is able to share information and is able to disseminate it in a timely manner.”

Students who are interested in the position can find more information in the Student Life Suite. The application period, which opened on Sept. 10, will close on Sept. 24.