ActiveMinds Continues to Grow

A Look Into The Progress ActiveMinds Has Made During The Fall Semester


Lexia Werner

ActiveMinds most recently hosted a tabling event on Oct. 21 — which promoted the discussion of mental health.

Allysia Morehouse, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – ActiveMinds is the mental health peer education organization residing on the Bridgewater College campus. This local chapter plans events to help their fellow students through the mental challenges that the college environment can place on young adults. 

The past two months have been scheduled with ActiveMinds events advocating for ways to facilitate a healthy mind throughout the new semester. 

“We have done about three tabling events since September and this has had a great turnout,” said senior Lexia Werner, president of the BC ActiveMinds chapter. 

ActiveMinds coordinating with BCUnited and other peer education groups on-campus has led to an increase in attendance and awareness. 

On Oct. 21, BC’s chapter of ActiveMinds participated in the National Spirit Week for the national organization. 

“It was a great tabling event to remind people of suicide prevention and mental health awareness as we go into the second half of the semester,” said Werner.  

Between handing out suicide prevention bracelets and resource booklets, ActiveMinds has found new ways to spread awareness on the importance of mental health. 

“I’m excited for the tabling events we are going to do to educate people on mental health and suicide prevention,” said junior Jaia Dunbar. 

ActiveMinds now has an Instagram page (@bc_activeminds) where students can follow to stay  updated.