Digital Scholarship Gurus FILA 450 Portfolio Pop-Up


Steven Roscoe II

Juniors and Digital Scholarship Gurus Courtney Larrick (bottom right) and Anton Kopti (top left) discuss possible FILA 450 website layouts for seniors Cara Helbert (top right) and Kasey Truslow (bottom left).

Steven Roscoe II, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – The Digital Scholarship Gurus hosted a pop-up event on Oct. 15 in the Academic Resource Suite of the Forrer Learning Commons to help Bridgewater College seniors build their FILA 450 portfolios. 

Part of the FILA 450 portfolio is a personal website that highlights the student’s strengths and abilities. Future employers can visit the website and gain a background of the individual and their skill sets.

The goal of the pop-up event was to help seniors who were starting from square one with their websites and seniors who just needed minor adjustments on their websites. 

“We’re really here to provide any support when needed through this process, as online videos are nice, but sometimes people need in person help” stated junior Digital Scholarship Guru Courtney Larrick.

General topics for assistance were layout scheme, learning editing tools, and building a page aesthetic. 

“The Gurus made this process seem effortless,” said senior Cara Helbert. “What would have taken me an hour, we were able to finish in ten minutes.” 

The Gurus are located in the Forrer Learning Commons room 113 and are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week.