APO Connects With The Community

APO Volunteers to help pick up trash in the community

Abigail Allen

APO members sophomore Kaegan Avalos, junior Taylor Pierce, senior Alexis Mackey, sophomore Karis David, and junior Sara Robertson. APO joined the Bridgewater Rotary Club to pick up trash near the Burger King in Mt.Crawford.

Valeria Santos-Esteban, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – In the month of October, Alpha Phi Omega members cleaned up trash with the Bridgewater Rotary Club and handed out candy in the KCC to community children as part of the event held on Oct. 28 celebrating Halloween. 

APO is a co-educational service fraternity and their main focus is to participate in service projects.

While the trick-or-treat is an annual event APO members have long participated in, this was the second year APO has picked up trash from the Burger King in Mt.Crawford all the way to exit 240 on I-81. 

“It is a very good way for us to get active within the community and make connections with those around us,” said Abigail Allen, a senior and the APO president. 

Everyone who participated in the Oct. 5 clean-up wore a neon vest and gloves. Their tools consisted of a trash bag and a trash picker.

Karis David, a sophomore and member of APO, said that while cleaning up the highway she found that “there were so many cigarette buds.”

APO hands out candy during Halloween trick-or-treat at BC
APO members junior Lauren Kronzer, sophomore Karis David, senior Abigail Allen in the KCC handing out candy. “I really enjoyed seeing the kids all dressed up, they looked so adorable,” said Kronzer. (Brooke DiCicco)

“After we pick up trash we usually meet at Oakdale Park and eat pizza with the Rotary members. They are such a pleasant group to do community service with, and we hope to continue to assist them,” said Allen.

As for the trick-or-treat event, APO was one of 30 clubs and organizations that set up tables in the KCC.

“I was super excited to see all the kids this year!” said junior Lauren Kronzer, a member of APO. “I loved this event freshman year and was disappointed when they couldn’t do it last year. Some people have told us it’s like tradition for their families to go, so I was excited they were able to go again.”