Trying Something New, ENGAGE Goes Outdoors


Emily Martinez

Junior Ben Riddle led the ENGAGE worship service “under the stars” with help from the band Outspoken. The band performed four songs at the outdoor event on Oct. 27. Among the members of Outspoken, pictured are junior and ASL translator Madeline Hutchins, first-year Owen Thomas and first-year Ewan Benjamin.

Allysia Morehouse, Staff Writer

Bridgewater, Va. – On Oct. 27, the weekly ENGAGE worship service was held “under the stars” on the campus mall. The event was organized by members of the Bridgewater College Spiritual Life Board. 

Although it was a chilly night, two bonfires were set up to keep the approximately 40 attendees warm. 

Opening games helped everyone get moving and stay warm, as well as connect with the other attendees. 

Afterwards, Ben Riddle, a junior and the worship leader, opened a time of sharing and invited attendees to participate in a discussion on how they have been led by Christ on their individual journey through life.While at first, many were hesitant to share, soon individuals opened up about their own situations and outcomes. 

“For me, it was the sense of community I felt here tonight,” said College Chaplain Robbie Miller. “We normally meet over in the Carter Chapal, but the Spiritual Life Board thought it would be cool to meet out here. Fortunately, we had some wonderful stars to see here tonight.”

ENGAGE is open to people who have come from all walks of life, even those who may not identify with any formal religion or feel religious. 

Junior Madeline Hutchins provided ASL interpretation and Outspoken, the ENGAGE worship band, provided music.

To conclude the night, candles were lit and attendees were invited to pray in a manner of their own choosing. 

To learn more about future events like this one, please contact Bridgewater College’s Chaplain Robbie Miller ([email protected]).